Libyan Civil War, Two Tomahawk Missiles for Gaddafi

Does anyone out there remember just a couple of weeks ago when the war mongers here in the United States were all but on their knees begging for even the smallest concession toward a no-fly zone in Libya?  I heard one say, “Even just a few planes would be better than nothing.”  Well now, just in the short space of a few days, our humanitarian crusaders consisting of the United States Navy have been transformed into an international political hit squad.

Two tomahawk missiles hit Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s government headquarters in Tripoli Sunday night.  Of course international political assassination not only violates international law, but United States federal law.  But then we shouldn’t be surprised as it was only a couple of months ago that U.S. officials were calling for the political assassination of WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange.

I wonder what the attitude of the average U.S. citizen would be if a foreign power fired a couple of missiles into the compound located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC. 

It is very interesting to watch the propagandists applying their wares in reference to their attempt to sell the American people on yet another war that none of us want or can afford.

Muammar Gaddafi, just one month ago was recognized as the legitimate leader of the people of Libya.  In the span of that month, he has been transformed into a genocide committing psychopath holed up in a compound.  Have you noticed how they have brought out the buzz words that have been systematically implanted into the American psyche over the past thirty years?

So what really happened in Libya?  Our CIA was sent into a foreign, sovereign country to collaborate with the Taliban, which is supposed to be our enemy, to procure an overthrow of their government.

The international elite are now committing blatant violations of international law, attempting to establish the fact that they are bound by no restrictions and the people of the world seem to be standing by, acting as if they are helpless to intervene.  The internationals who are committing the atrocities are few in number but have become so bold as to think they are exempt from the judgment of the rest of the world.

People this cannot end in a good way.  I am watching a literal world war growing from the third world up.  Every day human life across this planet is becoming less and less significant when placed in the balance with wealth. 

Not since the rise and fall of the Roman Empire has there been such a grab for wealth and power.  And make no mistake the elite are getting everything they are after.  But like the Roman Empire they are acquiring it too fast to keep it under control.  With every consolidation of power, there is an added measure of chaos.  The best they can do at addressing it is to attempt to divert our attention to something worse that they have just created.

Those nuclear power plants in meltdown in Japan are not just going to go away.  If the world was in tune and in balance at present we could be working toward solving that problem for the sake of us all.  But as human life except for their own is unimportant to the elite they just keep moving forward in their frenzy to see who can acquire the largest pile of gold. 

It is becoming like being a spectator in an insane asylum where the irrational is the norm for those contained within.  The only difference is that the insane elite are not being medicated and are free to commit any act that their diseased minds can conceive. 

Not just the people of the United States but the people of this planet must come together in agreement that mental illness is a sickness that needs to be treated rather than a fad to be emulated. 

God protect the children from the deeds of the adults.

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