The U.S. Needs to Define Strategy for Libyan Civil War

It has been only four days since the United States launched its attack on Libya which is being identified as an unconstitutional act.  And what is the word out of Washington?  Well, we need to define our strategy. 

Now where have I heard that before?  In Iraq maybe where we defined our strategy, changed our strategy, redefined our strategy, and then finally defined our strategy, which still leaves 50,000 of our troops in that country. 

Then there is Afghanistan where we have defined, changed, redefined, and now again after nine years we have defined our mission as ……. something or other.  And of course we have 98,000 troops still there doing something at one million dollars per soldier per year. 

There is no use in asking why, the why is simple.  The why is money.  Stuart Varney of FOX Business’s Varney and Company, stated the obvious, seemingly without a care.  He said, “Won’t stock prices go up if Gaddafi is killed?”  My God, has it come to the point that our so called president is ordering political assassinations in foreign countries literally for cash and carry?

If you think about it, they started out rather casually.  Manuel Noriega was the president of Panama and also a paid agent for our CIA for over thirty years.  Then, in 1989, he became a bad guy leaving us no choice but to invade the sovereign country of Panama, remove him from power and put him in a dungeon from whence he will never return.  And of course the notable result of the action is that China now controls the Panama Canal that we bought and paid for.  Hmmm.

Then there is Saddam Hussein, again an individual on our CIA payroll for more than thirty years.  Well we all know what happened there.  He got cross with the international oil baron Bush family which was something that we as Americans just cannot stand for.  So we invaded and removed him from power.  Oh yeah, and hung him.

And we can’t forget the ultimate boogie man, Old Sammy Bin Laden, again, on our CIA payroll for more than thirty years.  In fact, after the 1979 invasion of Afghanistan by Russia, our CIA went into that country and trained and equipped Old Sammy.  The Russians had invaded for the purpose of putting in a natural gas pipeline from Asia to India, but being the half arsers and quitter they are, they did not get the job done. 

Not to worry, since our invasion of Afghanistan the natural gas pipeline and an oil pipeline to India are moving along quite nicely.  Of course these pipelines our soldiers are dying for are owned by Asian investment banks, but what the heck, anything we can do to help our Chinese masters.

Now when the last of our industrial base is shipped to India they will have plenty of natural gas and oil to manufacture our raw natural resources into viable goods that can be sold cheaply to the ten Americans left in our middle class who still have a job.

Oh  yeah, and as a side benefit, we Americans get to enjoy record heroin production out of Afghanistan as our reward for stopping the Taliban from stopping the poppy production which they had pretty much brought to a complete halt.  God bless our service men guarding the poppy fields.

And now we have Libya.  Of course we do not engage in commerce with Libya and until we invaded them the Libyans had made no violent gestures to the United States.  But hey, President Obama says Gaddafi must go.  Why?  Well because he is killing people in the Middle East.  What? In what country in the Middle East are people not being killed right now for the purpose of promoting radical Islam?

CNN reported that they had conducted a poll that projected that 70% of Americans support the Libyan invasion.  I’m sorry, but this cannot be true, unless of course they conducted the poll in areas supported by defense contracts, or maybe they just called every office at the Pentagon.  Since the invasion I have not talked to one person who is not shaking their head in disgust at our country’s unwarranted attack.

I say before our creator that I have found the evil empire and it is us.

God save us from ourselves.

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  1. On March 9, 2011 Barack and Michele Obama released a joint public message on anti-bullying. This public message served as awareness to the growing number of suicides in American teenagers and those around the world in their fatal attempt to end the bullying tactics perpetrated against them by their peers. Maybe Obama should take a look in the mirror and repeat his message to himself a million + times before he attempts to advise others. The audacity of Obama to order Muammar al-Gaddafi to relinquish power and step down while simultaneously bombarding his country with assault missiles is interesting to say the least. Even though al-Gaddafi’s actions in his country with his people is solely their business and has nothing to do with any threats or imminent danger to the USA. Yet Obama feels justified in making such sweeping demands and taking such ruthless action against Libya due to his concern for the plight of the Libyan people who’s human rights he feels are being trampled upon by a al-Gaddafi’s dictatorship. Sounds like somebody has bullying on his mind. If Obama were to take a peek outside of his own world every once in a while maybe he would see and understand that millions of people here in America are suffering needlessly while their human rights are being trampled on and denied as well.

    Obama and al-Gaddafi are friends (or were friends). There are many photo ops and reports on the Internet of the two men meeting and greeting, and complimenting each other to the hilt. I guess it just goes to show that with Obama at the wheel of any bus there’s always the possibility that one of his so-called friends will find themselves at some point thrown under it.

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