Libyan Civil War – Wagging the Camel

Those posing as our representatives have evacuated Washington DC as calls for Obama’s impeachment resonate throughout the land.  Does anyone think that just perhaps they might have timed the Libyan invasion to coincide with the government’s Spring Break?  They seem to think they have the American people so well trained that any outrage will be forgotten within a week.  Tell me it isn’t so.

The propagandists are pulling out all stops in their effort to sell the war in Libya to the American people.  In one propagandist’s stunt they had a Libyan woman supposedly come into the area where foreign reporters were being quartered and start screaming that the pro-government forces had raped and beaten her. 

Think about it just for a minute.  Would the Libyan government forces allow such a victim to obtain access to a press that they know is hostile to them?  Would they just rape this woman and then allow her to wander the streets?  Be rational.  If the government in this country commits a crime against a citizen are they allowed access to the press?  Or do the perpetrators of that crime destroy all evidence, including the victim if necessary?

And then there is the report that Libyan government forces are moving the bodies of innocent citizens they have killed to areas that have been bombed by the United States.  This does not even make logical sense.  The fact is these same propagandists are reporting that the rebels are advancing.  If this is true then logic would dictate that the government forces are coming back across established rebel lines to retrieve the bodies of the innocents they have killed during their retreat in order to move them to other places.

Has anyone seen the movie, Wag the Dog?  Did not this woman claiming to be raped and the relocated bodies show up just as conveniently as the footage of the actress running across the set with the kitten in her arms did in the movie?  If a woman was really raped it is a crime that should be punished.  But shouldn’t we wait until charges are levied and some kind of proof is put forth before we start treating the incident as fact?    

The thing is the corporate elite have forced us into another war in the Middle East that the majority of the American people absolutely do not want and do not support and their hypocrisy in singling out Libya, when dictators the United States supports are gunning down unarmed civilians in several other Middle Eastern countries, cannot be justified through any propaganda, no matter how sensational.

How many women do you think were brutally raped and tortured by Edi Amine and friends while our government not only turned a blind eye, but actively supported him?  Not to mention the thousands arrested and tortured for speaking out against that dictator.

Our country is dying.  We cannot afford these money wars.  We must realize that those truly responsible for our involvement in foreign wars place little or no value on human life past the profits to be made in making more bombs, planes, and bullets to end them. 

The Bible says “Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall inherit the Earth.”  I guess it does not say what condition the earth will be in at that point. 

God bring the peacemakers forth while there is still an earth to inherit.

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  1. Great article Rick. It seems like our government has got to have a war at all times. My impression was we were going to go into Libya, show our power for the citizens and then get the hell out and let someone else take up the fight. That has not happened. I also agree with you about what we are seeing from news crews — If that woman was raped, she would have also been killed.

    1. What’s going on here? I specifically recall obamo saying we are NOT GOING INTO LIBYA and will merely be setting up a no-fly zone with France leading the way. Has he changed his mind? WHY? I guess we will find out after his little speach tonight.

  2. I noticed in the interview with the alleged rape victim that between her fits of uncontrolled hysteria and accusations against Gaddafi’s men that she never once shed a tear while recounting the events of her horrible ordeal. Not one. I thought it all seemed contrived on everyone’s part except for the journalists who seemed to want to hear her story but were being kept at bay for some reason. Could this be just another ploy to further demonize Gaddafi and his regime? Another added atrocity to be placed in the mindsets of those throughout the world. One that will be used to further justify future attacks on Libya? I wonder. War and the rumors of war is such a dirty business. In the end nobody profits except those who wage them.

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