5 thoughts on “Licensed counselor and sex therapist advocates for “MAPs” (minor attracted persons)

  1. Too bad this is boxed inside the system; otherwise I bet millions would add their signatures to it. Now, if Mastriano really wants to find the culprit he better start diggin’ deeper. And oh my, lookie here, Richard/Rachael Levine and his/her tribe, at it for decades, programming us into perversion. Thankfully not all of us.

    C’mon Senator Mastriano, that was not one woman speaking for herself; that was a programmed robot doing what her masters taught her to do. A university success in their eyes. But in the minds of most clear-thinkers, a very sick human being. If you wanna help, get out of the toxic mess and join the fight for The Bill of Rights to be enforced. That’s what will help keep our children safe.


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