5 thoughts on “Live: FBI Director James Comey testifies before Congress about Hillary Clinton email probe

  1. sounds like Elija Cummings talking hes a jerk and im already tired of him about how mistreated the Director is. Thank you for having live feed

  2. Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed the smiling a-hole behind commie? That guy cannot stop smiling/laughing. What a dog and pony show!

  3. Hold on here. Now Paul Ryan says that Hillary cannot handle or review classified data? How on earth then is this demon even running for president? My oh my. The end better be nigh.

  4. I am on FOX watching because my other feeds dropped off, but boy is Comey dodging and squirming, great ? by the Repubs, spot on ?s. the left is just so in love they cant concentrate on anything else

  5. When Hillary met with the FBI, notice how it was “framed” in the MSM. Instead of being “under indictment” or “interrogation”, Hillary say’s she was gracious enough to “grant the FBI an interview.”

    Today, Comey was asked “Did Hillary Clinton lie under oath.” Comey immediately stood up and did “the teaberry shuffle”, dancing his way around any truth to his answers. Maybe the question should have been, “Are you lying under oath Mr. Comey?”

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