Looks Like The “Vaccine” Jab At Work Right On Camera


December 21st, 2021.

How many of these collapses will we see until the mass murderers of humans are stopped? Source DUBsential
“Vaccine”-Pushing Austrian MP Eva Holzleitner Collapses During Parliament Speech
“Vaxxed”Teacher Ms Pimporn DROPS DEAD During Online Cooking Class In Thailand- DISTURBING CONTENT
World Champion Motocross Racer COLLAPSES DURING PRESS CONF While Telling Everyone to Get “Vaccine”!
Young “Vaccinated” CATHOLIC PRIEST DIES During Live Stream
Alarming Compilation of ATHLETES COLLAPSING & DYING After “Vaccination” JABS
Man & Girlfriend BOTH Hit With VAX INJURIES After Just ONE Pfizer SHOT!– Myocarditis & Pericarditis
GRAPHENE OXIDE Causing SUDDEN DEATH In ATHLETES- Affixing to the Heart, It Triggers Fatal Arrythmias
Fit Young Man Gets “Vaccine”- Camera Records His HEART ATTACK At Gym
ATHLETE Diagnosed With “Vaccine”-Induced MYOCARDITIS- Severe Adverse Reactions
Healthy High Level ATHLETES BEING INJURED & DYING After the Depop SHOTS

5 thoughts on “Looks Like The “Vaccine” Jab At Work Right On Camera

  1. Don’t know where this is taking place, but beyond the jab consequences, so hard to believe no one is comforting this woman.

    Humans, programmed not to care, programmed to let fear decide each move. Look at them retreat in horror, the horror of having had their hearts removed.


  2. Hail, seizure!

    Looks like everything there is made in Chinaimcludimg the people, and just as disposable. Or at least that’s how they’re acting.

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