7 thoughts on “Lost in the Haze

  1. You are correct, Funny Farmer. If there was any legitimacy to this spraying, then just tell us. Instead, denial.

    The thing is, the longer this goes on (the longer they can delay through denial and ignoring), the more damage is done. In fact, delay is a huge tactic. Distraction is another way of delaying.

    Monsanto does this, for example. The more we dance around labeling, waiting for our day in the voting booth, meanwhile the GMO/etc. agenda advances and our food system is being systematically destroyed (on many fronts).

    I don’t know the purpose(s) of the chemtrailing, exactly, other than it cannot be benign, or else we would know that. Meanwhile, it keeps happening.

    Today, however, was a beautiful sky here, gorgeous REAL clouds. Not a chemtrail in sight. (won’t last)

      1. Thanks, Cynicles, and welcome, EE.

        It’s one of the few subjects that I did more extensive research on than many others, due to it being a health issue, and virtually unavoidable.

  2. Is that haze, “Purple”, “Clear”, “Window Pane”,
    “Micro-Dot”, or Mr. Natural ?

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