M77PS .308


I need a little help if y’all don’t mind. A “friend” of mine picked this up at a gun show today. It came with two 5 round mags. I couldn’t find any additional mags with a higher capacity. Does anyone know where I can find some 20 rounders or anything else? I need to stock up.



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      1. They are out of stock, but they will email when they get some. Pricey, but necessary. Apex is out as well.

  1. Your friend might try jg sales/centurian arms and also forums more AK oriented,am sure a sub forum favorite or getting there,good luck.

    1. Thanks, checking them out now. I ran to the local place here and they cant get any. I am going to have to be ready to pounce when they are found.

    1. I might in a tough spot even consider if you have access to a small break making a few aluminum ones,hell,they can bang out working AK’s in villages with no modern day power ect. perhaps use a 5 as a model and springs from another mag,seems though to be a bit of interest and sales on net so someone has to have whats needed would think.

      1. Thanks. I thought they were single stack. Turns out they are double (10 rounds) If they exist, they will be found. 🙂

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