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Macho Man Putin vs Sissy Obama: A Pictorial Essay

Before It’s News – by Live Free or Die

This pictorial essay from Tomato Bubble speaks for itself. With Barack Obama getting ready to meet Vladimir Putin in a few days, what more wonderful pictorial comparisons can we expect to see in the coming days? Here is Macho Man Putin vs Sissy Obama. Two video report comparisons of these two ‘men’ is also below.  

Putin has MANLY buddies…

Obama, on the other hand….

Putin is a Blackbelt at Judo.

Effeminate Obama winces at the site of Judo, but not ‘manly’ Michelle!

Putin rides horses, shirt off and everything!

Obama rides a girlie bicycle with helmet: “Ring, ring, safety first!”

Putin plays with loaded rifles.

Obama plays with squirt guns. (He’d have been kicked out of school and arrested for that nowadays!)

Putin controls his dog without a leash. (Look at his eyes, that dog knows who the master is!)

Obama’s dog walks him…

Putin sits like a man! Just like a boss!

Barack, on the other hand…..

What happens when the two of them meet face to face? Obama obviously knows his place.

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5 Responses to Macho Man Putin vs Sissy Obama: A Pictorial Essay

  1. BentSpear says:

    Good photo line up. All that’s needed is some Barry Manilow tunes for background music.

  2. Test Pilot Dummy says:

    without PHOTOSHOP exposure.

    The current count equals

    PUTIN 5

  3. Leita says:

    Excellent!!! Putin for US president. If Obammy can run for and become
    president of the US, why not Putin. One represents the standards of
    the US closely, and one is an absolute communist with acting abilities, lying abilities,
    golfing abilities, vacation abilities, clown abilities.

    These are all billionaires around the table in the video, groveling.

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