Mainstream Propaganda Desperate to Stop Ron Paul

Are the Occupy Wall Street protests like the Tea Party protests, only from the left?  This seems to be the question of the day and can be answered by looking at the propaganda push the question represents. Everyone is very anxious to identify the Wall Street protesters, just as everyone was anxious to identify the grass roots Tea Party when it first began.  In fact it would seem the same propaganda is being used in dealing with the Occupy Wall Street protesters as was used with the Tea Party.

First you say nobody knows what it is, then you say it is an anti-capitalist movement, but nobody knows what it is.  Then you say it is a socialist movement but nobody knows what it is.  And of course this scenario will go on right up until the grass roots movement decides on a candidate to endorse.  Of course that candidate will be Ron Paul, but all you will hear out of the mainstream propaganda is that it turns out the movement was actually a “Reelect Obama for President” movement.

Of course the Tea Party will be identified as backing a Republican candidate who will be pushed through the Republican primaries in spite of the cries of foul.  And then, when Obama is reelected, the communists will say the Occupy Wall Street people must have outnumbered the Tea Partiers.

Of course the majority of we the people will know that the neo-cons pretending to wield their power through the Tea Party and the communists pretending to wield their power through the Occupy Wall Street people will have defrauded the election and canceled our vote through the fraudulent electoral colleges.

Both sides of the false left-right paradigm know their numbers are so few as to be insignificant.  They got away with their duplicity in putting forth the lie that the Tea Party was in actuality the new Republican/neo-con party.  And they are going to try to perpetuate the lie that the Occupy Wall Street movement is the new Democratic/communist party, as they cannot exist any further without reestablishing the false left-right paradigm.

If Ron Paul is defrauded by the neo-cons and steps up to run as Independent, every grass roots Tea Partier and every patriotic Wall Street Occupier has to step forth in every venue and make it clear that we of the grass roots patriot movement, have rejected the false left-right paradigm and the Demorats and Republiscums it represents.

Think about it, they are trying to get us to buy the notion that those in the Republican party rejected the Republican party only to become new Republicans in the new Republican party, made up of the same old neo-cons telling the same old lies.  And it is the same with the Demoscum party. Who would be the leader of the new Democratic party?  Are they going to claim it is Obama, who the Democrats have rejected?  Of course they are.

You see they don’t expect us to believe these lies, they just put them in place and now they will commit further treachery in the hopes that there are enough cowards out here who will say that war is not necessary.  We don’t need war as we have a new Democratic and a new Republican party that is going to fix everything, and who really wanted Ron Paul all that bad anyway?  If we elect him we might actually have to stand up and fight for ourselves, and oh my God, one of us might get hurt.  Slavery really isn’t that bad and I at least have the solace of knowing my neighbor is suffering worse than I.

Well international corporate mafia, no sale.  We are sick and tired of all of you and a fight doesn’t really sound all that bad right now, as we could use the activity to stay warm.  The fact is no one believes any of this crap coming out of the mainstream media.  I and everyone I talk to have already made up our minds.  We will have our Republic back under our Constitution, either through electing Ron Paul, or open warfare.

No matter what the propaganda machine does between now and the election, the majority of the vote will be for Dr. Ron Paul.  So you dirt bags out there better come to the realization that you are going to have to accept it or fight us.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “Mainstream Propaganda Desperate to Stop Ron Paul

      1. Nope, history has proved time and again that all we do is just mess things up. Everyone knows the only reason “NATO” was told to assist the rebels in Libya is because the USA wanted the gold and oil there. The powers that be can’t stand to see a debt-free country prospering, so they find a fictitious reason to invade that country and prop up whatever “government” suits their needs at the time. It’s no wonder this country is so hated by so many people all over the world.

        1. That was actually sarcasm. The invasion of Libya was, in my opinion, an obvious act of imperialistic aggression. How much brain power does it take to figure that out?

          So what say do WE have in any of this? Obviously none. Our singular voices are sparrow farts in a hurricane. So we comment and comment….and the train just keeps on comin’!

          1. Oh, trust me, I knew that! I have come to enjoy the humorous way you eloquently reply to the articles and other comments on this site! 😀 I just like to re-post the facts in case others read the comments.

          2. Sunfire,
            Thanks. The idiocy of it all is so overwhelming that I often can find no other way to respond. I have never understood the workings of the greed infested mind but what we are witnessing now defies description…and it keeps getting more ridiculous by the day.
            I see that even Ron Paul is lately sometimes unable to conceal his incredulous disgust and that man is the most patient and self controlled person I have ever seen. Henry’s ability to articulate the twisted pathways of their “thinking” is superb.

            There is a book written in 1988 called “The Closing of the American Mind” by Allan Bloom. It’s quite a challenging read but well worth the effort. This man also translated “Plato’s Republic”. He is brilliant to say the least. After reading these two books I pretty much stopped reading books. I was raised by academics and as a result never was much for formal education. It’s all just a big con game in my opinion…one huge carnival. Is that the “fat lady” I hear singing? Hope not.

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