Wall Street CEOs Feel the Heat as Justice Closes In

Former Verizon CEO Denny Strigl, speaking on FOX Business’ Cavuto, attempted to put forth the contention that the labor unions started the upheaval being played out through the Occupy Wall Street protests.  Strigl contends that the populous out here are a bunch of mindless dupes, looking for a cause.  He said that the people’s anger is unwarranted.  He further indicated that the protesters want socialism and basically said that we the people could get the hell out.

Well I’ve got some news for you Denny, you forked tongue son of a bitch, we do not want socialism.  In case you’re stupid ass hasn’t copped to it yet, socialism is falling apart in Europe.  You say because we are against you and your corporate elitist brethren and sisteren, that we are against the free enterprise system.  You know better, you pathetic puke.

What we are against is you and your corporate family stealing our wealth and resources to the tune of $30 trillion.  You think you can simply go down to a FOX studio, put your lying face in front of a camera, and sell us the smallest portion of this horse shit?

You say we are trying to create class warfare.  You created the class warfare, you sleazy snake, you and the rest of the corporate scum out there when you came together in your secret societies and your secret clubs and plotted and planned, lied and manipulated in order to perpetuate the theft of our property, which we acquired through honest work and by the sweat of our brows.

I’ll tell you what, Denny, you look scared, and by God you ought to be terrified after what you and the rest of the elitist scum have done, you have a terrible retribution coming your way.  Don’t try to tell me we shouldn’t be blaming Wall Street and the CEOs, but rather the government.  We know what you did, slime, as you stole our wealth you used it to buy our government.  Our government is nothing more than your lapdog.  I’m sure you would love for the government to take the blame alone, which would allow you to continue to exist, but it is not going to happen.

The low down traitors in our government are going to pay for their treason and you and all the other sleaze ball CEOs on Wall Street, who profited from that treason, are also going to pay.  Our government is a whore and you sir are the pimp that employs her and all you accomplished by putting your arrogant ass on FOX News, is showing yourself as one of the traitors that has won himself a spot on the deportation barge to Somalia.

You corporate shit dogs keep threatening us with taking your marbles and going home.  Well pal, you’ve got the talking part done, and don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.  And oh yes, make no mistake, when we have our Republic back under our Constitution, we will be coming for our stolen wealth and to punish you for your crimes.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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