Malaysia 370 Stealth EMP Attack – Investigators Actively Pursuing ‘Diversion Plan’

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Before It’s News just received an urgent email from someone whom we consider a very trusted source warning that there is now a ‘strong possibility’ according to several retired US Military officers that the missing Malaysian 370 was being prepared to be used as an EMP ‘stealth’ weapon to attack America. We’ve also been warned that this airplane was likely being repainted and its transponder being altered to fake both its’ origin as well as its’ destination, making Malaysia 370 the ultimate stealth weapon. The tweet below confirms via the Wall Street Journal that investigators are now actively pursuing this notion. This information can also be confirmed here. Much more below including a brand new video report on this story from Susan Duclos.  

I just received a phone call from someone I trust that rocked me to my core, regarding a possible scenario to be played out with this missing airliner, Malaysia Flight 370.

The prospect, regarded as a strong possibility by three retired flag officers, is to offload the passengers at a military hangar, load a neutron bomb (EMP weapon) aboard, re-load passengers, and fly it at high altitude over the United States for detonation.

You understand the ramifications of this. Stay alert and be prepared for the possibility of the effects of such a plan, should it be brought to fruition.

Hope and pray for the best, and prepare for the worst.

2 thoughts on “Malaysia 370 Stealth EMP Attack – Investigators Actively Pursuing ‘Diversion Plan’

  1. Boy, the media and alternative media are both creating a disinformation nightmare with this incident. Absolutely ridiculous.

    1. As I stated in another comment, there appears to be an overabundance of scenarios emerging.

      Obviously, a number of red herrings are being widely distributed, due to the fact that they can’t all be right (or even close in some cases. Alien abduction, anyone?).

      Methinks we’re getting too good at shredding their ‘official’ accounts on these increasingly lame false flags, so maybe they’ve decided to just add more fuel to the fire instead, and try to confuse the issue with bogus propaganda stories.

      A change in tactics on their part, NC?

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