Malware attack hits thousands of Yahoo users

CNN – by Faith Karimi and Joe Sutton

A malware attack hit Yahoo’s advertising server over the last few days, affecting thousands of users in various countries, an Internet security firm said.

In a blog post, Fox-IT said Yahoo’s servers were releasing an “exploit kit” that exploited vulnerabilities in Java and installed malware.  

“Clients visiting received advertisements served by,” the internet security firm said. “Some of the advertisements are malicious.”

Fox-IT, which is based in the Netherlands, focuses on cyber defense.

It estimates tens of thousands of users were affected per hour.

“Given a typical infection rate of 9%, this would result in around 27,000 infections every hour,” the company said. “Based on the same sample, the countries most affected by the exploit kit are Romania, Great Britain and France. At this time it’s unclear why those countries are most affected, it is likely due to the configuration of the malicious advertisements on Yahoo.”

If a computer infected with malware is connected to a network,attackers can often access other connected systems and servers.

Yahoo said it is aware of the security issues.

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“At Yahoo, we take the safety and privacy of our users seriously,” it said in a statement Saturday night. “We recently identified an ad designed to spread malware to some of our users. We immediately removed it and will continue to monitor and block any ads being used for this activity.”

The security firm said it is unclear who’s behind the attack, but it appears to be “financially motivated.” It did not provide details.

Its investigation revealed that the earliest sign of infection was on December 30.

17 thoughts on “Malware attack hits thousands of Yahoo users

  1. Thanks for posting this Paul, as I was shut down and had to buy another computer.Yep I got hit with a lot of Trojans and a lot of other male ware. Yes it would have cost me more to get it fixed than it would have to buy another one. It completely ruined mine. And then my new computer got hit after only haveing it for about 29 hours and had to contact my internet support and I had to either take it into some shop where a stranger would be snooping in it or pay a extra $20.00 a month for full protection. I paid the extra money and they worked on it for a good long 8 – 9 hours gut yes now it is up and running real good again……..Yes, there is some really bad assed maleware. Like I said, I think that I pissed off some jew or something with some of the posts that I post. Ha,by the way, when my internet support was controlling my computer he was talking about how much he hated the NSA and that fast and furious. He seen FromTheTrenches and he never saw this site, LOL, he scrolled through some of The Trenches and we may have a new name here – by the way his name is Timothy. I forget his last name. Yea he talked about NSA Fast and Furious, and them jews for almost a hour. Just though I`d let ya`ll know about that. That maleware is not only affecting Yahoo I think.

      1. Ha yea Paul, I kind of thought so. Boy- o- boy Paul, I am still dog tired. Say Paul, I will try to get ahold of ya later on tonight , I haven`t contacted anyone today actually, I`m kind of just chillin` out and layin` back. I am just a whipped puppy today my freind. 😎

        1. hey chill all you want. take time for a little herb. I think we’ve got this thing under control thanks to all the trenchers out there. thank you, and all the other brothers out there. had to get into my preps for some organic chicken soup. hah

          1. Awe Man Paul, I made home made 15 bean soup. I took that artifical flavoring packet out and did the ham bone thing. Left the bone simmer for a good 18 hours I ened up with a gallon and a half of finished soup with a good quart of broth to use later. I would send ya home with some if you were here. Millard may get some to take home if he stops up. Yes, the fridge is going to be filled with quart jars of ham and bean soup – I will probobly be sick and tired of this soup before it is done with I bet.

          2. hey thanks Digger. I think i’ll just stay in for a while. bet you DO get tired of it. haha

          3. Millard will be “hunkered down” tryin’ to stay warm. So freeze me a quart of that there broth.

          4. Hey Millard. all Digger has to do is put it out side the door. itl freeze in about 30 seconds i’d guess. haha. stay warm.

  2. I have been using a software program that securely deletes and keeps your computer running smoothly. I’m going to give a “heads up” to As far as malware issues, even though you pay for the internet security I highly approve of Kaspersky Internet Security software.

    1. Yes Nancy, I like Kaspersky too, but that damned maleware cracked that too on the last one before the one that got ruined last thurs. If them guys behind the maleware want, they will get into your pc no matter how good of protection ya got.

      1. I have used Kaspersky for years, and have not had an issue. However, I just had a malware issue in which Kaspersky just gave me the option to eliminate the malware. I may have stopped the malware issue myself, because at the last minute my gut instinct said don’t download that particular file.

      1. I like the computer geek friend issue, my sister always says she has a nurse friend but waits for me to make decisions. I do use glary utilities registry cleaner because it’s free. I don’t have a boatload of money, and gives you the option to support them. I have wrecked a few operating systems and have had to install nw operating systems leaving the old system files in place. Taking up space on your hard drive. Privazer, completely and securely removes all traces of your old operating system and other files no longer needed.

  3. I have noticed, when making comments or reply’s, even with clicking on the number so you are recognized as a real person it takes you back to “yahoo!” I don’t like yahoo. I try using http://www.duckduck.go as a search engine for everything. Yahoo, I feel is compromised.

  4. Seems to me that maleware and other viruses – especially here in the U S is nothing more than a act of vandalisim/theft on/of personal private property. 🙁 👿

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