Mark McConnell describes LaVoy Finicum’s fatal shooting

Uploaded on Jan 27, 2016 by Travis Gettys

Mark McConnell, a bodyguard for Ammon Bundy, gives a more detailed eyewitness account of the arrests of Oregon militants and the fatal shooting of LaVoy Finicum.

17 thoughts on “Mark McConnell describes LaVoy Finicum’s fatal shooting

  1. Mark McConnel describes shooting he “didn’t witness”. All the other stories are BS cause I was (not) there. I was a mile away though. Why attempt to describe something you didn’t witness?

  2. I only had to watch about 20 seconds of that video to tell this guys a Fed plant. How are people so stupid to fall for this sh?t?

  3. Let his ass hang too. So sick of these traitors. Do they not realize what world they are leaving thier fkn children!?

  4. Mark McConnell admits the other vehicle was 200 yards down the road, then traveled a mile down the road to the roadblock. Since Ryan Bundy, Ryan Payne, and Shawna Cox were in the other vehicle, not Mark McConnell’s vehicle, and were arrested and are still being held, when did Mark supposedly have an opportunity to talk to Shawna? Mark admits he did not see the incident – how could he, being a mile or more back from the scene? Mark also admits they were all separated, so, again, how is it he talked to Shawna? Mark should take his own advice of not putting speculation and nonsense out there. AH.

    1. “The moment you got it figured, your wrong.”

      Here’s my take. The FBI knew they were going to this meeting. Ambush was set up. They had orders from high up to take this guy out along with Ammon Bundy. They “executed” their plan and murdered Lavoy with no hesitation.

      If this woman who told of the eyewitness account is credible, and I believe she is, the Feds don’t want to see her in court.

      The deciding factor will be who controls the narrative. If we can get the truth out on this incident, it could turn out to be huge. Keep your eyes and ears on guard, these are dangerous times, pre-martial law.

  5. Why does the daughter who was in the car never say it was my dad who was shot? Help me…what am I missing here?

    1. Daughter was not in the truck. An 18 y.o. gal named Victoria Sharp was and she gives the eyewitness account. Bundy’s daughter is giving an account she got from Bundy via cell phone from the back of the police car. I guess they forgot to take his cell phone immediately. Finicums daughter is probably just repeating what she heard from Bundy’s daughter. That is the way I understand it. Hope this helps. Moooooo

  6. I do not get warm and fuzzy feelings of trust from this creature’s monologue. I suspect that his timely release from custody and the way he injects these controversial negations of the other eyewitnesses that we have heard with our own ears indicates he is a rat Fed or Fed wannabee. Remember the issues we as patriots had with the “Bundy Seige” regarding the people associated with the Bundy family who were the “security/bodyguard” detail, who would not allow any “non-vetted” personelle to even approach the Bundys.

    I cry “Shennanigans” on this video report.

    1. Yea that dude seems to much like a operator for sure. Listen how he talks. Like very controlled statements and voice modulation. Reeks of a well prepared prescripted statement.

  7. Sorry Mark McConnell but I ain’t buying your BS. Why? Because 50% of the time a “Eyewitness” is not correct in what they witnessed, so since you were “Not” a eyewitness to the man’s shooting death your statements not even 50% correct and have “Zero” credibility. On a court room witness stand a Defense lawyer would shred your statements up like a red hot knife going through very warm butter.

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