20 thoughts on “Mark Schumacher Meets JD and Family

  1. To steal a line from 10 Bears in “The Outlaw Josey Whales” “It is good that warriors such as ourselves meet during the struggle of life.” That’s the feeling I get looking at those two in the first photograph.

  2. we love you, JD

    awesome. Thank you for posting these.

    may the Lord bless you, and your families.


  3. Virginia Woolf once said – “I have lost some friends, some by death, others by sheer inability to cross the street.”
    I hope one day we can all meet in victory.

  4. Great photo, nice to kind of meet Mark and JD. Will have a face to put to the names now. Glad you both could get together and enjoy meeting one another.
    JD, looks like someone stays very busy watering all those plants. Mark, thanks for all you do and contribute to FTT!

  5. Two warriors meeting each other before the frackus. Now that’s what I call AWESOME. Good to see you guys. Hope to meet you both one day.


  6. After hearing Mark call in for so long and hearing JD do his hour with Henry, I have to say it’s very nice to put a face to those voices! Of course it’s not the image I had in my head for either one of them. Wonderful day for you two and great pictures. Thanks for sharing. Next time your in Salinas picking up produce and can squeeze in time for a pop, hit me up Mark. I am close by and if my work hours fit, I would love to meet up. 8315400286c

  7. Hey Mark, you are lookin great!

    JD, that is a beautiful family. Wonderful.

    Thanks for the pics and letting us meet you.

  8. Looks like you guys had a great time. It’s wonderful that you had the opportunity to meet one another. John, you have a beautiful family. God bless you all. BTW, nice guns!

    Mark, you had some wonderful words about your visit with JD and family that I found to be so kind and sincere. Thanks for all you do, as you are our eyes and ears in your daily travels.

  9. Gentleman, stirring to say the least:-) Seeing pics of those whose sentiments I hold close to my own together puts reality more in focus as sometimes the cyber world creates disconnect. Give em hell boys, or at least give em directions and a detailed map on how to get there!

  10. Hahaha! Wow JD, I knew you were in the Marines, but I didn’t know you were ripped like that. Nice mohawk, dude. Awesome.

    Good to see a pic of you, Mark. Like many people said, it’s finally good to have a face to go with the names.

  11. Looks like you guy’s had a great summer visit together!!! Love You All!!! Enjoy the Summer!!!

  12. I’m glad that you two finally got to meet in person! Nice photos! It’s good to see the face that goes with the voice. Be strong all!

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