16 thoughts on “Mass murder

    1. Comin’ in around 83%.

      If there’s a heaven, I wonder if it will house all the books of history that only tell the truth. That would be a most wonderful heaven.



  1. Them Jews are doing a MASSIVE sacrifice right now folks! They are doing a serious blood sacrifice to the demons they worship!

  2. The stinking jews are THE most anti-Semitic @ssholes around.

    The Palestinians have as much, or more Semitic blood than do most jews… yet jews have brainwashed the ‘goyim’ to believe only jews are Semitic… another BLATANT jew lie.

    1. The Palestinians are semitic, period, they are arabs! They can trace their lines back thousands of years the Jews are Kazarians! They have ZERO connection to the middle east.

    1. Race?!?!
      I have NEVER come to terms with jews being a race. It is a religion, just as christian, muslim, hinduism, the list goes on. Religion, not race, is the term so improperly utilized. You can’t be anti-semetic against a religion, it hasta be race to work. If you start a religious conflict, well, the gods say to propagandize the info to skew it towards racial hate, not the tolerant religions.
      They think themselves so clever with wordiness, but if one learns about neuro-linguistic programming, the vileness overshadows the clever bits right away.

      1. Not an expert on this, but will weigh in anyway. I think it’s intentionally an hodgepodge. When necessary they play the race card or when necessary they play the religion card. Some say it’s neither, but rather a tribe. One of the things that trips up the interpretation is that many share VERY similar facial characteristics. So people shout “race,” when it may just be regional/environmental characteristics. We hear many have changed their names and have had cosmetic surgeries to hide from heritage/connection.

        Quite a complicated mess. What can we do but follow the money, and for centuries. And funny how they control trade and float prosperity here and there, country-by-country, just enough to keep a certain percentage of the population believing that the system is working for them. But the water will eventually get to their door. Oh boy, when the comfortable become UNcomfortable, that will not be a pretty sight.

        God grant me the serenity… I want this to go away. I’m so tired of it. Damn!! And I’m not even the one huddled in a corner trying to not get bombed. Those poor people.

        Sad Face


      2. “It is a religion, just as christian, muslim, hinduism, the list goes on.”


        It is a cult, POSING as a religion.

  3. They are Spawns of Satan whom hides behind many various religions. They like to infiltrate and change religious doctrines. They rewrite history and are spin doctors in the media…. the list goes on.

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