Massive shanty town of homeless people pops up in crime-ridden Oakland

By Katie Daviscourt – The Postmillennial

Massive shanty town of homeless people pops up in crime-ridden Oakland

California vagrants have created a massive shanty town in Oakland as the homeless crisis worsens throughout the Bay Area.

Shocking video footage shows makeshift temporary houses lined up on roads in the city. The houses are made of wooden pallets, plywood, tarps, and other discarded materials and objects. Some of these homes even have windows. There are also rundown RVs in the massive shanty town, which leads to abandoned buildings that seem to be occupied.

Michael Oxford, the host of CaliBased, uploaded video footage of the shanty town to X and wrote: “Parts of Oakland are worse than a third world country. They just allow people to live in absolute squalor, wherever they choose.”

California lawmakers have struggled to make positive strides in solving the homeless crisis, spending more than $24 billion of taxpayer funds on the issue over the past five fiscal years only for it to get worse under Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom’s leadership.

The Oakland shanty town is also trashed. Video footage showed piles of heaping garbage spread out in front of the makeshift homes.

Tom Wolf, a former homeless man from San Francisco who is now in recovery from heroin and fentanyl addiction, commented, “Worse than any shanty town in the third world. You know how we got here? Drugs.

While crime-ridden Oakland has been known for its struggles, the Bay Area city has worsened over the past several years due to progressive policies. Oakland has descended into uncontrollable crime, resulting in residents packing city council meetings out of anger and frustration.

City administrators were compelled to replace traffic lights at a busy Oakland intersection with stop signs earlier this month due to the repeated tampering with and theft of copper from the electrical receptacles that controlled the lights.

Famous California-based burger joint In-N-Out Burger permanently closed its Oakland location earlier this year, citing out-of-control crime. Other fast-food restaurants in Oakland have gone cashless due to an increase in robberies.

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