Matt Walsh Nukes Transgender Debate on Dr. Phil With Facts and Logic – Other Guests Claim to Suffer From “Nightmares,” “Depression Spirals” After His Appearance

Gateway Pundit – by Julian Conradson

On Wednesday, Daily Wire host Matt Walsh appeared on an episode of Dr. Phil to provide the counter-argument in a debate against numerous radical left-wing advocates who support gender theory and transgenderism.

It was an absolute masterclass. 

Each time Walsh was given the floor he completely annihilated the other half of the conversation with a rapid delivery of facts and logic that left the pro-trans/anti-reality side’s heads spinning.

During one of the segments, pro-trans professor xx, who was serving in the capacity of the ‘expert’ on that side of the discussion, made the mistake of questioning Walsh’s motives and why he cares so much about transgenderism.

“Part of me wants to ask why you care so much because it’s really not that big of a deal,” she said defiantly in an attempt to insinuate his ‘bigotry.’

Walsh jumps in immediately, “I’d love to answer that question.”

His response left the ‘LGBTQ expert, and the entire crowd – which had been ravenously cheering the left-wing dogma throughout – silent.


Next up, Walsh went head to head with a trans-activist ‘non-binary’ couple – Addison and Ethan, who had earlier declared “trans women are women” and “trans men are men.” All he had to do with them is simply ask them to define what they mean by that – what is a woman.

Needless to say, the activists were completely stumped – they could not even attempt at an answer.

Unfortunately for them, their ideology ignores quite a few interminable realities – mainly sexual difference, male and female – which Walsh happily educates them on.


Finally, Walsh drops the nuke down on the entire debate when the topic of gender-neutral bathrooms comes up. Walsh’s employer, The Daily Wire, were the ones to break the horrific ‘Loudoun County rape cover-up’ wide open, so he was firing on all cylinders for this moment.

After the trans-expert claimed that trans bathrooms aren’t a “safety issue,” Walsh went off, not only pointing out the serious concerns that arise when allowing boys into the little girl’s room, but also the disgusting hypocrisy when trans activists claim their rights supersede the women, parents, and children who are uncomfortable having their private space invaded by a member of the opposite sex.

As he puts it, “


Naturally, the hysterical leftist meltdown kicked into high gear immediately after the airing of the show, with the majority of unhinged outrage being aimed at Walsh, who is being smeared as a ‘transphobe’ ‘bigot’ for stating completely-accurate biological realities and – gasp – defending women-only spaces, but Dr. Phil is also catching a lot of heat for “platforming” the supposed hate speech.

Hilariously, the ‘non-binary’ activists were so nervous about the intellectual a*s whooping they took on national television that Addison, which is the long-haired one above, posted a lengthy Instagram story accusing the “Dr. Phil” team of tricking the couple to do the show under false pretenses.

Yes, seriously.

The post also claims that Walsh’s innocuous comments about biological realities, which included asking Addison and Ethan to define the word woman, gave them “nightmares” and triggered anxiety.

“About a month ago, Ethan and I were invited to be guests on the ‘Dr. Phil’ show to share our stories and discuss pronouns. We were excited for the opportunity to educate in a safe space. What ended up happening was much different than they discussed with us. And we left feeling attacked by another guest and played by the producers.

Since the taping, Ethan and I have been experiencing a heightened level of anxiety to the point that we’ve had numerous nightmares and depression spirals over the last month,” the story continued, adding that “this week has been the worse [sic].”

Walsh responded to the ridiculous accusations through Twitter, pointing out that all he did was use their own words against them.

“The other guests on the Dr. Phil panel are complaining that I gave them nightmares. I attacked them by asking them to define the words they were using.”

“Contrary to my fellow panelists, I felt great after the taping and feel even better now,” Walsh added. “That’s because I’m 100 percent confident in my view on the topic and everything they said was blatant nonsense which did not for even a second cause me to second guess my own perspective.”

Walsh also released a response video essentially saying the same thing – he won’t be backing down anytime soon and he’s “tired of the kid gloves” because the radical, anti-reality, anti-truth trans ideology being pushed on children is, as he says, “pure evil.”


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8 thoughts on “Matt Walsh Nukes Transgender Debate on Dr. Phil With Facts and Logic – Other Guests Claim to Suffer From “Nightmares,” “Depression Spirals” After His Appearance

  1. Good for you Walsh! You are so right it is pure evil! I unfortunately have niece that is 14 and is claiming to be Pan… what ever that is, and has changed her name to Alaster. Her parents are just fine with it. So my understanding is she wants to be male and likes another girl that also wants to be male…. WHAT?! And Pan is a evil deity that is worshiped by satanic worshippers and Alaster Crawly is the person that started Satan worship. Pure Evil! Perhaps you hit a nerve and they are now having doubts about what gender they really are? I agree time to stop with the kid gloves! They are the bad guys

  2. That was quite a twitter summary that Matt gave. I don’t know that I could have been quite as composed as he in such a situation; and with a made-to-persuade audience. So much virtue signaling from the would-be-females, while with a smile they FORCE their agenda. I felt the spirit of Sam Whittemore rise up inside me.


  3. The bearded lady trans should have stayed with the circus, that Dr. Suzy is clearly got her head all scrambled up, Matt Walsh was the only one making any sense. If you want to be gay, weird strange that’s all fine but please get back in the closet and keep it to yourself in your home. This crazy sexual problem is clearly a very well orchestrated subversive plan the weaken this country and it’s morals and way of life.

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