Melbourne Woman Sets Herself On Fire Inside Car With Sign: “NO ONE CARES, MANDATES ARE KILLING US”

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A woman in Cherry Street, Werribee – a suburb in Victoria Australia – has set herself on fire due to the draconian mandates that is forcing Victorians to get a Covid jab or be locked out of Dictator Dan Andrews’ “vaccinated economy.”

The unknown woman parked her car and blocked off a road in Cherry street and had four cans of petrol which she poured on herself

The woman placed a sign on her car saying “NO ONE CARES, MANDATES ARE KILLING US”. Police attended to find she had 4 cans of petrol in the car. Officers tried to talk with her but she ultimately ended up setting herself on fire after telling police she had nothing left.

It’s unclear what condition the woman is in at this stage as this is a developing story.

A video posted by Wyndham TV on a Facebook live stream shows the aftermath of the incident.

Witnesses at the scene confirmed the woman set herself on fire.

Milne News

19 thoughts on “Melbourne Woman Sets Herself On Fire Inside Car With Sign: “NO ONE CARES, MANDATES ARE KILLING US”

  1. Had nothing left. I must admit, this same feeling has crossed my mind. Trenchers, this is what it’s coming to. This is what people are being reduced to. God damn us who sit by and will do nothing about this. Death to them all. Do what we know we have to do.

    1. I don’t think anyone can predict the next move and that seems to explain the delay? “God damn us” no Jamal hun, they are the damned. It’s apparently gonna play out, I think tribes will form? All who are taught their authority over “government “. Hang in there you are needed Brother.

        1. Love ya brother, we must stay strong. This has so much to do with mental masterbation and we must do our best not to let it infect us.

      1. ditto that Misty
        and I add this……….This is exactly what the enemy hopes for, that we feel hopeless and helpless and alone. There are millions of us all over the world who are not going along with the program taking what actions we can to withdraw from their corrupt evil system.
        One very simple thing we all can do is use cash as often as we can. Another is to toss the cell phone (I’m two years now clean and sober from that tracking device 🙂 ) Those damn things are programming you! There are many other ways to defy the criminal organization, it just takes a little thinking.

  2. I am still wrestling with 1. laying low and being able to help and effect more good by doing so; or, 2. show my hand for all to see, which would take valuable time, energy, and resources by dealing with those that would thwart my efforts.

    1. It doesn’t have to be black or white. Each circumstance calls out different parts of ourselves. There are certainly times to “lay low” and certainly times to go big. We have a right to our privacy, to keep secrets, protect strategies, build support systems with the highly trusted. Even high-profile people ain’t tellin’ you all their story or their plans. I say crack open some crystallizations when you can but never show your whole hand, unless your life is on the line and you gotta show ’em what ya got – in order to self-defend. From either place you can still “help and effect more good.”

      Thanks for posting your concern. I certainly understand and know you’re not the only one dealing with this.


  3. Yep, while this brings back thoughts of the buddhist in vietnam emulsifying themselves “In Protest”….. I must say, if “ANYONE” wants to truly sacrifice themselves and make a statement and have a true impact…..then in my estimation a direct approach and terminal engagement of any of these political willing soldiers of this NWO would be a far more worthy act.

    I mean, this does nothing to the actual perpetrators of these evils and tyrannies we are facing. For god sakes please do not get so depressed and think there is no alternative except whacking yourself…jeesh, these globalist scum love and revel in such acts, what they fear is that someone or many, will take their despair and depression and turn it on them directly….

    So, what would you rather do, give them a show and let them laugh, or give them a judgement and make them scream….?

    DTTNWO Eternal…

    1. Such an important point Norm, and it’s exactly what I was thinking: why didn’t she just throw the petrol on one of the tyrants instead of on herself? Could be religion played into it and she found that she couldn’t do such an act. Most religions don’t prepare you to kill evil. Be nice if that could become a cornerstone of all present-day religions: KILL EVIL!!


    2. Absolutely!
      Doing something like that doesn’t logically enter my head.
      Biting the big one trying to stop something from happening is a whole different matter.
      That’s a lot of deep mental anguish, or something completely otherwise.

  4. She’s doing it wrong
    Yer supposed to lock them up in a car and light them on fire
    Not yourself , we gain nothing from this
    They win again

  5. Looks like Max (“I’m not calling for any violence”) Igan has changed his tune and is now ready to head back to Australia and fight. He’s done with preaching peace and done with pedophile tyrants. The woman who set herself on fire in her car got him to see things differently. I’ve been hard on Max but would welcome him and anyone who is willing to fight evil. Vid shows some horrendous vax injuries and Max kicks in a little after 12 minute mark.

    Time to Get the Big Guns by Max Igan:


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