24 thoughts on “Merry Christmas to all the trenchers

      1. Well, we did get all of 2 minutes of snow on Wed., Paul. It’s supposed to get down to 26 tonight/tomorrow.

        Little TOO frosty for me! 🙁

      1. Not a stupid question, Mark.

        I never go to FTT through the internet (not directly through a search engine, anyway). If you check both boxes beneath the ‘Post Comment’ box, then ALL Trenches articles & follow-up comments on any articles that you commented on are sent directly to your e-mail. After commenting, you’ll receive an e-mail from WordPress asking you to confirm the comment you just made.

        It’s far easier for me that way since I can delete the articles after commenting (or not). I’ve gotten pretty fair at remembering what’s already been posted when I go to look for articles to send in, so I don’t need to keep them around for long.

        Hope this helps. 🙂

          1. It is… when it’s working.

            Which is most of the time. This is the longest I’ve ever seen it down, though.

        1. #1 thanks for this explanation on how to use word press, I’m going to try it. I know you said it’s non operational at present, so I’ll try in a day or so.

          Actually I clicked on both boxes as I was posting this comment and got signed in, I think. Not quite sure what’s going to happen now, maybe nothing since it’s down, we’ll see.

          Anyway, I think this will be pretty cool. Is one on the benefits that I’ll be able to see responses to my comments, rather than going back to the site and reading through the comments?

          #1, I’m definitely up and running as I’ve received two new posts in my email box. Very cool! Not sure what part isn’t working, will you let me know? Thanks

          1. “Is one on the benefits that I’ll be able to see responses to my comments,…”

            That’s the main benefit, Katie. That’s why I’ve always used it since first posting here.

            “Not sure what part isn’t working,…”

            After commenting, you’re supposed to receive an e-mail from WordPress (I usually have to empty trash or refresh for it to come up, sometimes it does it on it’s own). It will ask you to confirm the comment, and when you do, their site shows you all titles of the articles you’ve posted on, and the # of comments you’ve made (over 19,000 for me, not counting more than one per article, or replies to other comments).

            Unfortunately, I just commented on 2 new articles to see if it’s working again, and it’s not… so this may be something permanent – been 5 days now.

    1. HI ya Mark. Lights aren’t mine. Too old to do all that. It’s about a mile from me. The whole neighborhood lights up every year.

  1. Wow! You beat me this year with all of those Christmas lights. I thought my house was well lit. I’ve seen a few houses in my area with the whole nativity scene too. It looks like there are still a lot of people who want to remember and celebrate the birth of Christ on Christmas. Glad to see it.

    Beautiful decorations, Paul. I love it.

    1. Hey NC… not my decorations. it is in a neighborhood about a mile from me. they light the whole place up every year.
      will let them know what you said though. 🙂

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