Metro searching for stolen nuclear density gauges

KVVU Fox 5 – by Craig Huber

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) – The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department on Wednesday announced it is assisting the Division of Public Health in investigating the theft of two nuclear density gauges.

Police said the theft occurred on Aug. 11 in the 4000 block of Meadow Valley Lane.  

Police said the gauges are used to determine soil compaction and do contain two radioactive isotopes. While the gauges pose minimal risk when properly shielded and handled by trained professionals, anyone who comes into contact with one should use extreme caution.

The gauges are stored in bright yellow cases about the size of an ice chest. The gauges are both Troxler model 3440 and measure about 6x9x15 inches.

Anyone with information was urged to call Metro at 702-828-3111 or the Radiation Control Program at 877-438-7231.

3 thoughts on “Metro searching for stolen nuclear density gauges

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