Miami City Commission Passes Gun Buyback Resolution to Ship Arms to Ukraine

Miami New Times – by Joshua Ceballos

The United States of America is home to the greatest proliferation of civilian-owned guns of any nation on the planet. At an estimated 393.3 million firearms owned by U.S. residents as of 2018, there are more guns than there are people in our great nation. 

So, what’s a subtropical municipality to do with all the citizen-owned guns to get them off the streets? In the City of Miami’s case, the latest answer appears to be: Buy back those guns, lock, stock, and Saturday night special, and ship them to a war zone halfway across the world.

In an unscheduled move during the Miami City Commission meeting on Thursday, Commissioner Ken Russell proposed a resolution to create a buyback program that would have the city purchase guns from residents and send them to Ukraine to assist that nation in combating Russia’s ongoing invasion.

“People have been wanting to know how to help Ukrainians. Now we’ll find people who want to donate their to help the cause in Ukraine,” Russell later elaborated to New Times.

The resolution calls for Miami City Manager Art Noriega to take “any and all action to work with federal authorities” to ship any functional weapons turned in to Ukraine “for use in the conflict against the Russian invasion.”

Miami New Times

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