Michigan Food Seizure by Stealth, Welcome to Amerika

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Seems the food NAZI’s in Michigan are on the war path once again. This time it is dairy, eggs, and cheese. 
There comes a time when resistance is more than necessary, resistance becomes your duty! If the government can just walk in and destroy your property without compensation and you keep to a pacifist, liberal, warm and fuzzy mindset, the slave masters have accomplished their goal of  total control and have enslaved you.
How do you like your ‘community’ now? There is this ‘community’ mentality that is running through the food movement like the plague, it is nothing more than a controlled opposition, be a good little Communist slave, mindset. Shed the chains of tyranny and stand up for your God given individual rights. If you can only stand as a ‘community’ and not as an individual, you have already lost and are the unwitting government slave.
Go ahead and feed the people, do not obey the unjust orders of an out of control tyrannical agency.

By: David Gumpert
The Complete Patient blog


Jenny Samuelson was all set to do the deal dictated by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development: Dispose of nearly $5,000 worth of raw milk, cream, butter, eggs, and cheese. Under MDARD supervision, she was to bring the 250 gallons of milk to a neighboring farm, where the farmer would use it for fertilizer. The 10 gallons of cream and 20 pounds of butter would go in a dumpster.  And the 100 dozen beautiful unwashed and unrefrigerated pastured eggs (raised without soy feed) would be smashed and turned into compost.

She would also discontinue all deliveries of cream and butter to herdshare members, despite their serious unhappiness about losing access to these foods.

But then the MDARD agents canceled out on the Saturday morning arrangements whereby they would observe the disposal of the food. They have now agreed to show up first thing Monday morning to watch the dirty deed.

Samuelson is pretty upset, as you might expect. She was trying to be an obedient citizen so she could have unfettered access to her refrigerated delivery truck and resume deliveries of raw milk. She had made the hard decision to go against what she feels is right and just, because she didn’t want to risk any further interruption in deliveries for the more than 600 families around Michigan that depend on her food.

She is still smarting from last Tuesday’s raid on her delivery truck in Washington Township, which saw agents from MDARD swarm aboard the delivery truck while it was stopped in a private parking lot, with her brother as driver. She thinks they had been following her and the truck for a number of day beforehand, and picked last Tuesday morning to do the raid instead of when she was driving, because they knew her brother likely wouldn’t know to demand a search warrant, and the presence of the local sheriff or police before being allowed (or possibly not being allowed) to take people’s food.

They told her brother it would take an hour to look through the Co-Op’s inventory—instead it took six-and-a-half hours.

Later, the MDARD told her she was prohibited from giving the food to a farmer as feed for his pigs, since she didn’t have a feed license.

Perhaps most significant, she doesn’t feel they had the right to prevent the food from being delivered in the first place. “They didn’t seize my products,” she says. “They seized the consumers’ products.”

Samuelson has been doing this drill for more than six years–during which time her co-op has grown from 20 members to more than 600– and knows the rules well. She says the cream and butter the MDARD was supposedly targeting were produced separately by the farmer from milk the members obtained as herdshare members, under contract to them individually. She also faults the special policy group that agreed with the MDARD last year in its policy statement that sanctioned herdshares for raw milk, but disallowed other raw dairy products. “I wasn’t allowed to have a voice in that,” despite her requests.

Now she finds herself wondering what to do if the MDARD doesn’t show up Monday morning as well. She wants the seized food off the truck .

“If they don’t show, we will be heading to Mark Baker’s farm to dump it with him” so he can feed it to his pigs. Baker is the Michigan farmer who continued raising pigs the state considered wild, and he got the state to agree that he could continue raising the pigs after he sued the the Department of Natural Resources.

But regardless of how she disposes of the food, Samuelson is going to have some members who are very unhappy because of her inability to continue delivering the raw cream and butter. “They are very pissed,” she says.

She is encouraging them to sue the state much like Mark Baker did. In the meantime, she is encouraging them to flood the MDARD with calls. Here are people she urges her members and sympathizers to contact:

Kevin Besey, director of the Food and Dairy Division, Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (phone 517-582-1156 or e-mail beseyk@michigan.gov)

Tim Slawinski, Compliance Manager, Food and Dairy Division (phone 517-420-5364 or e-mailslawinskit@michigan.gov)

In a letter to her members today, she said: “The only way we can get cream and butter back is to WIN this war! You the people can do it!”


2 thoughts on “Michigan Food Seizure by Stealth, Welcome to Amerika

  1. When some stinking government bureaucrat tries to tell you what you can and cannot do with your food, make sure he never gets back to the office.

  2. James Madison, US fourth president, wrote: “The class of citizens who provide at once their own food and their own raiment, may be viewed as the most truly independent and happy. They are more: they are the best basis of public liberty, and the strongest bulwark of public safety. It follows that the greater the proportion of this class to the whole society, the more free, the more independent, and the more happy must be the society itself.”

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