Mick Jagger & JImmy Rip – Wired All Night

Published on May 26, 2013 by Rod Costa

Mick Jagger Live New York City Webster Hall -1993

Line-up: MJ (voc, harm) Jimmy Rip (gtr) Frank Simes (gtr) John Pierce (bass) Curt Bisquera (dr) Chuck Leavell (keyb) Lenny Pickett (sax) Bernard Fowler, Liz Constatine, Lynn Mabry and Sharon Celani (bvoc) –

5 thoughts on “Mick Jagger & JImmy Rip – Wired All Night

  1. What can I say 🙂 🙂 🙂 – this is a 70 year old grand father still going strong. Must be all that partying back in the day 😆 . Good Things Never Change 😉

  2. a bit of a slam, bam, wake-up for the morning…..
    if your comment, digger, holds, there may be ‘anticipation for tomorrow,’ for myself, yet!

    1. Yep rbeason, there was a headline on this video that was sayin` that Jager was a 70 year old grandfather. 😉
      By the way rbeason, there is always hope no matter what – I mean ya`ll should see me 😆 they said I would never see 20 yr.s old and that was over 40 years ago 😆

      1. My short comment was in jest!….I’m not short on hope but tks for the kind words!…..tis a little odd for me, to be 1yr away from 70…and you’re not far behind, seems, from your comment!
        Oh well, can’t do one thing about the calendar ongoing! Can do lots about my attitude towards it, though….i’ll do some adjustment there, fine tuning is more accurate….

        1. Yea rbeason, I know. We all just got to keep standing tall and keep on a smiling as best we can no matter what anyone else says 😉

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