More Than A Dozen Landmarks You Won’t Believe Were Turned Rainbow


After sunset on Decision Day, the White House is awash in rainbow light tonight, and the rainbow revolution has spread to the other coast and overseas.

And, cue the camera phones! Here’s a roundup of what Twitter users have so far found being illuminated in rainbow spirit after today’s marriage ruling. (Update: Other Twitter users point out that some of these photos being shared in celebration are from previous times when the landmarks were lit up.)

26 thoughts on “More Than A Dozen Landmarks You Won’t Believe Were Turned Rainbow

  1. How gay can they make the world? “Let’s paint everything like a rainbow.” Yup, that’ll solve everything. You’ld be shittin’ rainbow before long. “See that dead whale, don’t he look pretty in those rainbow colors?” “Hear, have some rainbow colored steak! Em, Em!

    1. The Lord Created the ‘Rainbow’ as a promise not to Judge the world by water again!
      note; the old world days of Noe/Noah never witness rain fall – there was a canopy (something like Venus/with out the run away greenhouse effect) where moister could not be reflected by the sun! But He’ll Judge this time by Fire – the Lord won’t be mocked, you (we) can bet our soul’s on this!
      The Lord was there, no morons even witnessed Creation, just fallen deceiving angels & 1 Cherubim! The Sodomites might think they’re having a Gay O time – one day they’re O s#it moment will happen! The Ishmaelite’s will be pleased to give’em a reaming by using a giant Redwood Tree! They are making their own beds, while Lucie/Lucy will laugh!
      I predict the blacks will drag the Sharpton’s, Jackson’s etc out into the streets when they truly learn how they’ve been duped by using the Saul Ailinsky playbook! If all goes the way the Illuminati’s hope, the black’s won’t have no one to feel sorry for them – Margret Sanger would be proud! Divide & conquer, Lucie’s way! American’s better wake up, no matter what your pigment!

      ***Soylent GREEN!

  2. How long do you suppose it takes to set up this light show? Look at the dates and time stamps on the Twitter feeds. All of these places were ready with the rainbow lights at approximately the same time? Did they all know the decision beforehand? Either way… This is not what really matters, it’s just a distraction.

    1. Deb, I was thinking the same exact thing. Especially all of the commercials celebrating the decision and advertisements. These take time to produce and they were all ready in a heart beat. Very suspicious, I’m my opinion. Same thing happened after O’vomit was elected….every commercial features only Black actors……There was foreknowledge.

  3. Let queerdom ring . Let the shit covered fagot sing. let the whole world know that today AmeriKa stinks. So the shiesters that claimed they weren’t faggots and that this was just “spontanious” spent a chunk of change pre setting all of the faggot lights in all of these locations.( most of which we know are queer)

    1. Sack cloth anyone? Pray with me this nation receive the Gift of Tears. woe upon woe. Peace, Blessings, Be Protected M.K. , from backwoods Idaho.

  4. Well we know Sotomayer, and Kagen are gay, but did you know Roberts is gay? That’s the word in Washington. Just ask any bartender . . . so I am told and the MSM is hiding it. There is much blackmail going on in the District of Columbia.

    By the way, I thought that what constituted a union within a marriage was conjugation . . . sexual intercourse between male and female . . . in other words penial and vaginal union for the sake of procreation.

    So why are we being forced to accept Sodomy as a legal marriage? I’m kinda slow sometimes, so if anyone can tell me, I’d love to know the answer.
    . . .

  5. This is just another way to RIP AMERICA APART

    from the church to beliefs to schools, and now homes. The Fabric of God’s Sanity is being tried.How many people are going to end up in Jail that do not want to follow Gayism laws. This is a communist tool that was used back in the 20’s to make Russia Communists, bend and break all freedoms one step at a time.

    Read the ten planks of communism.

  6. Abominable. This is an abomination. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is preparing judgment for this nation. Stay tuned.

    1. They redefined the word ‘marriage’ and it’s now all over. The rainbow – God’s promise to the people of the earth – has now been hijacked by Satan and the minority gay population. Expect God’s judgment upon this nation. God will not be mocked.

  7. Gee, I’d have to say with the time and money involved in those light displays, some folks were already well assured that the ruling would pass.

    1. I didn’t doubt for a minute did you really?

      Everything possible to bring down this nation is up for grabs if you can dream it we (the minions) can do it and will. Please stand by..

  8. I am not a bible thumper by any means. That’s not to say I do not believe in god. If you remember a famous story one of homosexuality and evil sins in a place called Sodom. What you do in the comfort of you’re home is you’re private business but you are ultimately the one who pays for you’re sins. So almost to say that you’re gay is almost to say that you don’t believe in god because you are ultimately going against his word. Don’t praise this don’t media this take it down it’s the devil trying to catch you off guard.

  9. every city is a disgrace

    oh by the way

    the Supreme Court CAN NOT MAKE LAWS

    THERE FORE all marriages are null and vold

  10. And how did all these locations know in time to change out light bulbs? Yeah this was decided long ago on order of Obama!

  11. Deb, this was just what I was thinking too. Lots of foreknowledge and preparation to pull off all of these congratulations for the “cause”.

  12. This is just proof that leftists and queers are running this country. They have hijacked the US and turned it into a liberal queer loving, white hating country.

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