Mother Blames Covid Vaccine and Government After Son Develops Blood Clots in His Brain 9 Days Following Vaccine – Son Now Has More Clots and a Damaged Heart

Gateway Pundit – by Jim Hoft

A mother in Draper, Utah broke her silence and revealed that her healthy son developed blood clots in his brain nine days after receiving the first dose of the experimental mRNA Covid vaccine. Nearly a year later, another blood clot formed in his right leg and moved to his lungs. 

Cherie Romney revealed that her son, Everest Romney, was taken to the ICU with blood clots in his brain back in April 2021, 9 days after receiving the COVID vaccine. Medical records state that the blood clots were an “adverse reaction to the vaccine.”

Everest, 18, stands 6’9″ and was a basketball player for Corner Canyon High School prior to the incident.

“You all know someone this happened to (my son) It’s not as rare as people think. It is true [and] it is not misinformation. Happy to share his medical records with anyone who wants to see for themselves,” Mrs. Romney wrote.

“[The vaccine] has altered his life path forever. He is lucky to be alive today but his life will never be the same. In 2021, everyone who talked about this had their social media pages frozen. We need truth in reporting these events. It is not rare & it happened to us,” she continued.

Everest Romney felt his neck was swelling. In the following days, he suffered from severe headaches.

Mrs. Romeny told ABC4 that the pediatrician first blamed a torn neck muscle for her child’s symptoms, despite her insistence that it was something more serious.

Mrs. Romney said that if she had listened and followed the doctors’ advice, her son “would not be alive today.”

“If I had kept quiet and listened to the [doctors] at first, Everest would not be alive today. While they admit now that they were wrong in the beginning, the resistance to even checking him for the blood clots was immense. Had we not persevered against them, there would be a very different ending to this story,” she said.

On Tuesday, January 3, 2023, Mrs. Romney gave an update about Everest.

She said that Everest had developed another blood clot in a deep vein in his right leg, and doctors had confirmed that his heart was still damaged due to the vaccine.

“Just left the Emergency Room TODAY. Everest has another blood clot, a deep vein in his right leg & they have confirmed his heart is still damaged. Referral to a cardiologist – more to come about his heart as it seems the damage from the inflammation may be permanent. Never mind the [effects] of the traumatic brain injury he still deals with on a daily basis,” Mrs. Romney wrote.

Mrs. Romney went on to blame the mRNA Covid vaccine and the Biden administration for suppressing information about the vaccine’s risks.

“Thanks Covid vaccine, thanks to the US government. My former 6’9” basketball player is no longer a basketball player and he is back on blood thinners starting tonight. So glad I was doing “the right thing” and protecting him from Covid, bummer that the lies about that have altered his life forever and almost killed him. Covid never even made him sick,” she said.

On Thursday, January 5, 2023, Everest was back at St Mark’s Hospital and he was admitted for the night for observation.

Mrs. Romney gave another sad update. She said Everest’s deep vein thrombosis had moved to his lungs.

“He is at St Mark’s Hospital tonight, with multiple pulmonary emboli. Tomorrow – hematologist & cardiologist. Hopefully home soon,” Mrs. Romney wrote.

According to Mrs. Romney, doctors don’t know how to stop the effects caused by the vaccine.

“We know the cause, it’s just that the Covid vaccine is such an unknown that the [doctors] don’t know how to stop the [effects] once they’ve put everything in motion. It’s more about managing the symptoms because the damage can’t be undone,” she responded in one of her posts.

Mrs. Romney described her son as a tough kid and a good man.

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3 thoughts on “Mother Blames Covid Vaccine and Government After Son Develops Blood Clots in His Brain 9 Days Following Vaccine – Son Now Has More Clots and a Damaged Heart

  1. uhhh blame yerself mom ..Im 100% sure your school aged child didn’t make that decision for themselves .. YOU made the decision to have your kid murdered or medically Fked up by the State ..because you trusted the liars that have shown to many generations that are aware ,that they cant be trusted

    time and time again we hear and see where most all governments around the world cant be trusted , yet the brainwashed still do ..cant fix stupid ..but you dam sure can kill it

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