MSM Is Really Turning Up The Propaganda: Vaccinated Dying From Covid Means Vaccines Work!

SHTF Plan – by Mac Slavo

The mainstream media, the ruling class’s puppets, are literally attempting to convince people that when a fully vaccinated person dies of COVID-19 after getting the vaccine, that doesn’t mean the vaccine was ineffective. But that’s literally the definition of the word “ineffective.”

Unless the “effect” is not supposed to be what they tell us it is, people dying from COVID after being fully vaccinated against it is the literal definition of “ineffective.” Ineffective, adjective: not producing an intended effect.   

These propagandists want you to descend into a brainwashed hellscape of which there is no escape and permanently disable any logical thought processes and critical thinking. They are asking you to exchange your logic for obedience, compliance, and just do what they say even though it literally makes no sense. Check out the headline from the Communist News Network (CNN):

The truth is that the MSM has been trying this tactic for a while, but now it’s straight in your face propagandized lying.

CNN: When we see vaccinated people dying from Covid-19, how do you explain that vaccines are still worth taking?

Dr. Leana Wen: We need to start with the science and what the research shows. The Covid-19 vaccines are extraordinarily effective in preventing illness and especially severe disease. The most recent data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that they reduce the likelihood of testing positive for Covid-19 by six-fold and the likelihood of death by 11-fold.

CNN: You’ve said before that vaccines work best when everyone takes them, right?

Wen: Exactly. Think of the Covid-19 vaccine as a very good raincoat. It works very well to protect you in a drizzle. But if you’re in a thunderstorm, and then a hurricane comes, there’s a much greater chance that you’ll get wet. That doesn’t mean your raincoat is defective. It means that you are in bad weather, and the raincoat alone may not always protect you. – CNN

That answer literally makes no sense. So, my raincoat will protect everyone else? I’m more protected from the drizzle if everyone else is wearing a raincoat? Do people honestly buy any of the propaganda anymore? You’d have to be incredibly naive to believe any of this nonsense.

Basically, the ruling class and its mainstream media puppets need you to take the vaccine. The same vaccine for which there is verifiable government data showing it is giving those who take it AIDS:

If these shots are slowly killing the immune system, then will be end up with them attempting to convince us that the “unvaxxed” are killing these people when it’s really the shot? That’s just speculation, on my part, but it bears asking the question:

This shot is still a hard pass for me. The more they try so desperately to convince everyone to take it, the less those who know how to read and comprehend what they are reading are going to want to. No paid propagandist could put enough spin on this shot for those who really know what’s going and can tell that it’s a part of the overall agenda.


6 thoughts on “MSM Is Really Turning Up The Propaganda: Vaccinated Dying From Covid Means Vaccines Work!

  1. Exactly!
    they do work

    because the plan is to fckin kill you ,, and the idiots are falling right into the trap

    every day that a jab taker dies it raises the over all IQ of this nation…tell me thats a bad thing

    at this rate , pretty soon the intelligence level of this country could gain 10 points , and maybe than the removal of the slugs in our government will become priority 1 …my glass is half full

  2. This B.S. is just one more sign of how desperate they’ve become. Servin’ up insanity as if it’s sharp truth. I can just hear them in their planning meetings: “Okay, what can we do? How about we just keep saying things that are insane? Joe Public won’t be able to keep up with all the insanity so he’ll give up, just blaming his own lack of keen intelligence.”

    Well, others are having planning meeting too. And SANITY is on the agenda.


  3. Hey don’t worry, though. Joey told us last week that he’s not “dividing” us with his “divisive” bill.

    Try that one on for size. Lol

  4. Well, since the criminal psycho elites are taking placebos or saline “shots” (while a few like Colin Powell “to prove the rule” get the actual vaxx) while the “little sheeple” get the kill vaxx and die “from covid”….I’d say from the point of view of the criminal psycho elites the “vaccines” do “work” Georgia-guidestones-style if you know what I mean. But the elites are too arrogant and self-righteous to even consider that EoS is likely speaking truth here; they are only killing the sheeple, not We the People!

    1. I believe the placebo is a real thing
      We just don’t know exactly who got what
      Oh.. but they know
      And all the sickest of the dirty fcks got it , and they are going to be the ones we purebloods are going to have to dispatch when the war of good vs evil gets into high gear
      It’s too bad they arnt getting eliminated currently , because the war that’s coming will just take longer and take more of our good people than necessary
      I’m ready
      I’ll fight to their death

  5. A patient called last week because he donated blood and 2 weeks after said donation, the Red Cross notified him that they can’t use it, threw it away, cuz he’s got Hep B! Whaaaat?! This guy has never had any signs or symptoms, gets yearly labs done, etc. he did get the jab. And he’s the one who, even since May, when he got it, had breathing problems, and mentioned: “I can’t help but think, is this related to the shot”…. I am cataloguing all the weird, freaky calls I get from pts after they’ve gotten the shot. You have no idea…!

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