3 thoughts on “Muammar Gaddafi Interviewed Just Before Libyan Revolution

  1. TThis guy was no dummy, he knew what kind of bullshit the American leaders were trying to pull. Didnt pull any punches, called a spade a spade. They couldn’t pin Lockerbie on him so they went to plan B. Now hes dead.

    His people loved him, until we interfered. Think what this world would be like if we kept the hell out of everybody’s business.

    He already knew he was fkd in my opinion.

    What I want to really know is, was he really doing Barbra Walters? 🙂

  2. That Putin and Co., who told Gaddafi that they would back him of the US tried anything–and then did NOT back him–is maybe the biggest reason I would never trust Putin (plus his ties to Chabad Lubavitch), and the biggest reason I think PCR is an idiot! Christ, not Putin, is our Savior, Mr. Roberts!

  3. He had too much gold that the jews highly coveted.

    He actually had the temerity to believe they’d let him use it as real money in his own country.

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