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The Second Amendment guarantees our right to bear arms - and no lesser jurisdiction can interfere with that.Conservative News and Views – by DWIGHT KEHOE

Many active supporters of the 2nd Amendment have spent endless hours gathering information on the benefits of an armed population.  They have presented incalculable amounts of data which prove beyond any doubt that people are safer if law-abiding citizens are not prevented from protecting themselves and their families from the many dregs of human debris which stalk our society.  

An armed society is a free society

They have shown through their writings that the Founding Fathers succinctly understood the need and the good that firearms afforded when used by responsible citizens.  It has also been made quite clear that the authors of the Bill of Rights intended for people to be able to defend themselves and their families from unlawful aggression.  And, having lived through the 10 year battle, fighting the tyranny of a non-representative government, they understood the value and deterrence of a well armed citizenry. They were aware that history was replete with government repression of its people. The likelihood of a future that would bear that same vile fruit, held a place of major concern.  These themes were woven through the fabric of their writings, lectures and the Constitution itself.

Indisputable comparisons of data show, time and time again, that legally owned firearms save innocent lives a thousand time more often than they take them.  Year after year, decade after decade the percentage of deaths caused by legal firearms is less than .0014 percent of all homicides.

The dangers of life and living are the reality of life and living.  No law can make everyone safe all the time.  No regulation could ever prevent all accidents.  But when so much attention is given to taking away the rights of honest citizens, in the face of the facts listed above and considering that hundreds if not thousands of life’s other perilous activities are more dangerous and take many, many more lives each year than do legally owned guns, one must conclude that the safety of the people may not be their true objective.

For example: Every week in this country more than 400 children are killed or maimed in car accidents. One travel week on our highways kills more children than legal guns have in the past 50 years.  There are of course many more human functions which claim the lives of both children and adults.  They number in the tens of thousands every single week.  But your government is concerned about you and your firearm?  Curious? No, not really.

Did our fellow citizens elect a ‘President’ who hates America?

Before we go deeper into the elements and intent of this article, a divergence to other aspects which you will see, tie in directly to this topic.  Please bear with us.

It has proven difficult for many good Americans to believe that there could ever be a person elected to the highest office in the land, who not only dislikes this country but who actually hates it.  And to think that such a person would work with other people of his ilk, as well as with outside organizations to effectively dismantle our society and fundamentally transform our beloved homeland is a chunk of reality genuinely hard to swallow.  But swallow it we must.

The fact is there are still many, though the number is dwindling, who continue to cling to the notion that this illegal usurper, the one systematically destroying our country, is just an incompetent dolt. He is not!  During these past years how many times have we been subjected to the same questions from the talking heads?  Such as: why doesn’t he see this? or Why can’t he understand that?  Our question is, when will they see and when will they understand, that he does see and he does understand?  The impetus of his actions does not reflect his inadequacies, it propels his desires.

Domestic policy harms

The following list is by no means complete and this article is long enough without having to take up many pages with descriptions of the damage he has wrought in just 6 short years.  There are many deeper and more complete descriptions of the following things on the web pages of TPATH and other places.  We list these few to show two things.  First, that they are no accident and second, every person in this country is in peril because of them.

  1. He has done everything possible to shut down our ability to produce energy.
  2. He has divided America on race and economic standing.
  3. He has driven our debt to un-payable depths. $17.6 Trillion and growing.
  4. He has weakened our dollar by creating $70 Billion from thin air, every month for the past 6 years.
  5. He has abandoned our allies acquiesced to our enemies.
  6. He has not just failed to close our borders to illegals and terrorists, but he has invited them in.
  7. He has caused countless deaths at the hands of Mexican drug cartels by distributing assault weapons to them.
  8. He has used government agencies to shut down and destroy political opposition.
  9. He has sent billions of dollars to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.
  10. He has wasted millions more on Green Energy scams in payoffs for politicaldonations.

Foreign policy: paving the way for Muslim invasion

A quick review of his foreign policy will help clarify his objectives.

But before we get into that it is important that we declare, unequivocally, that we harbor no misconceptions that there is or ever will be any good guys running any Arab or Persian state.  We do not. Their culture and  their past have bred their present, as it will their future.

Having said that, what this criminal in our White House has done relating to the Middle East gives a very clear picture of his intent as well as the intent of the organization which supports him.  The Arab Spring has proven to be nothing more than an effort to empower Islamic radicalism, not just throughout the Middle East, but here in this country as well.

Let’s review.

  • Egypt was under control of a brutal dictator, Sadat.  As we said all of those Muslim states are ruled by dictators.  However, Sadat was our ally. He kept the Muslim Brotherhood in check by brutal but necessary means.  But Obama, working to strengthen Islamic fundamentalism, used the might and financial power of America to depose him.  He then funded and supported the Muslim Brotherhood in its effort to take control of Egypt.  (Thankfully, the Egyptian military has since remedied that.)
  • Libya, was at one time a threat and under Khadaffy it had been responsible for some very bloody attacks on the West.  But for the last couple of decades, after Ronald Reagan sent him a clear message, Khadaffy stopped his nuclear weapons program and prevented any further attacks on the West and kept terrorism, albeit mercilessly, under control.  But Obama used our air force to obliterate his government and his military and much to the delight of Hilary Clinton and at the hands of Islamic Terrorists, Khadaffy was tortured and slaughtered on the streets of Tripoli.  Post Khadaffy, Muslim terrorist factions have formed and are responsible for the deaths of Americans in Benghazi.  That entire country is now in chaos.  Jetliners are in the hands of fanatics, weapons Obama gave to them are being used to slaughter people by the thousands.
  • Syria has been able to keep the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic terrorists in check for generations.  Assad, like his father before him, understands the only thing terrorist know is violence and the only thing that has kept them under control is cold and unrelenting prosecution and yes, persecution.  But Obama has supported Assad’s enemies with funding and weapons. His enemies by the way are affiliated with and are the same terrorists who have mass murdered Iraqi soldiers, Iraqi Christians and anyone who has stood in the way of total domination of Sharia Law.
  • And now Iraq.  At the cost of billions of dollars, the lives and limbs of thousands of America boys, Iraq had a chance to become a stable force in the region.  Roadside bombings, insurgencies and terrorist activity had been almost completely shut down.  But Obama announced he was pulling out and leaving then deserted the Iraqi people and their new and fledgling government.  ISIS/ISSL or whatever the murdering scum are calling themselves this week have been allowed to crap all over any prospect of a stable Iraq.  Thank you Obama.

Iraq, Syria, Libya and the entire Middle East are in a gruesome blood lust as terrorists who were and continue to be supported, supplied and encouraged by Obama are growing in strength and savagery, minute by minute, day by day.

One needs to stop here and reflect.  Does this appear to be incompetence or desire?  Can this in any way be the result of “dissociation” or lack of attention?  Or does it seem to be intentional, a part of a plan, a long term plan?

Now suppose this New World Oder, knowing how weak and politically correct American politicians and the so called leaders are, saw Islamic fundamentalism as a tool which could be fomented, funded and supported in order for it to do the dirty work of destroying America and Capitalism.  Setting it in motion and then sitting back and watching the mayhem as America implodes and then after all Western and Judeo/Christian values have been vanquished, a few well placed nuclear weapons would successfully retire that “tool”.

Returning now back to America.  What, if anything can we do?  Our election process has been corrupted, the news media continues to support Obama because they think his objectives are Socialist. They may awaken to his fundamentalism goals, but will it be too late? We fear it already is.

Muslim (and Obama’s) trickery

A Muslim invasion can only succeed if the people give up their guns.The following information has been checked and verified.  While some of the totals may be off a bit for reasons of the changing landscape, it will prove that America is in peril and the safety and preservation of you and your family, friends and property will rely on the ability of each of you to defend yourselves.

The Islamic Invasion is well underway.

It would be not a rarity for a society or a culture to be tricked and then annihilated.  Scenarios such as that have played out countless times over the millennia. If the Trojans had of survived that Greek invasion after the horse thing, it would be difficult to imagine they would ever again be duped into bring another unknown structure into the boundaries of their defensive perimeter.  Live and learn. Sometimes, the hard way.

But, not so for America.

One would think that after Muslim terrorists used a weak immigration policy to attack it, such as on 9-11 and it was clearly understood that no moderate Muslim will ever be in control of their society, any sane country would halt immigration from Islamic States and secure its borders.  But of course, if you thought that about America, you would be wrong.

Since 9-11 the immigration of Muslims into America in the first ten years following that day, has increased by 73% as compared to the ten years prior to that attack.

Also in that same time frame one would suspect that Islamic Mosques would be closely watched and their numbers controlled.  Again, you would be wrong.  Very wrong.  In the time since 3,000 Americans were burned to death, jumped to their deaths or buried under thousands of tons of rubble, the number of Mosques in this country has, excuse the verb, exploded.  There are 85% more Islamic Mosques in America now than on 9-11.  There are Mosques in every state and every territory, including Alaska and Puerto Rico.

Before we get into the actual numbers and what significance can be placed on them it is understandable that some reading this may be thinking Mosques are just churches used for prayer and honoring Allah.  Why would anyone be concerned about the growth in the number of houses of worship?

Here is why you should worry.  Islamic radicals dominate not only the Muslim population but use the houses of worship for many other things beside bowing towards Mecca.  Many are military compounds, gated and guarded.  No non Muslim, including the police or emergency services are allowed within these compounds.  There is training, indoctrination and preparation for Jihad taking place in a large percentage of these institutions.

Don’t believe that?  Here then are the words of the Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Erdogan, taken from a speech he gave years ago.

Mosques are our barracks, minarets our bayonets, domes our helmets, the believers our soldiers.

As of this writing the number of “Islamic barracks” in the United States has reached almost 3 thousand. At any moment in time, for the past 6 years, there are over 30 Mosques under construction.  Once they get their CO, no infidel will ever be allowed to enter.  What goes on behind the Mosque walls, truly stays there.  At least until the trap door of the Trojan Horse is sprung open.

Granted, it is not likely that every single Mosque is under the control of Jihadists.  But even if just 10% are and are being used for training and launching of terrorists, we the infidel, are in very serious jeopardy.  For certain, it’s more likely that only 10% are not engaged in your future destruction.

If the most talented and experienced generals of the world were given the task of establishing a foothold in an enemy territory in preparation for a full scale attack, there is no way they could be better prepared, dispersed and trained as are these future murderers of American citizens.

Under the cover of freedom of religion and privacy the campaign to institute Sharia Law in the land of the unbelievers is well underway and perhaps long past the time it can be reversed.

Here are some startling examples of the Muslim installations for particular areas of the country.  As our research has indicated they are everywhere. In every state and in some states, in every county.

For example:

  • In the north east alone, in just New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Maryland there are over 526 Mosques (training compounds?) that could be used to launch Jihad.
  • Texas and California is home to over 600 Mosques.
  • In Florida, Georgia and Virginia there are another 300.
  • The balance of the 3,000 are dispersed throughout the states with large concentrations near big cities in states like Illinois, Tennessee and the Carolinas.

Where will you stand?

Hopefully you have kept reading this for we now come full circle to the opening paragraphs of this report.

Question: If Obama had been selected and then trained to hate America and to love what he calls the “most beautiful sound in the world”, the Muslim call to prayer, and then he was put into position by the New world Order to undo Capitalism and morality and Christian values, what single thing would most be able to derail those plans?

It is the one thing that he has been trying to get rid of from the minute he took office.  That one thing is the people’s right to own weapons.  Even with all the Jihad Compounds in this country, if the onslaught begins, armed Americans will bury it.

Their solution? Mount a campaign to disarm the people, create fear of the gun and hatred for those who won’t comply or be disarmed.  Only then will the Jihad be successful.

In closing, here is a message for all those people who have been propagandized into believing that guns are evil and the world will be a calm and peaceful utopia without them.  You might think that because it is your party in power, you feel safe in disarming and allowing your neighbors to be disarmed as well.  Understand, before it’s too late, once your right to self protection has been lost, never again will it be returned to you.

When a government asks you to disarm and to help it disarm others, for safety, you better understand that it may be safety they are concerned with, but it’s theirs, not yours.

When the time comes and it surely will, if be one year or 10 years,  this country will come under attack from hoards of Muslim radicals and  they will behead you.  Democrat, Republican or Independent, it will matter not to them.

Our Founding Fathers had it right. Don’t screw it up because the disarming American citizens makes you feel good inside.  Remember, without your head, you won’t be feeling much of anything.

Reprinted from Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub

Editor’s Note: this video is available directly in YouTube. You can view it there, and turn on the “Closed Captions.” They will double as English subtitles and will repeat the key quote by Erdogan.

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  1. Yeah, Muslims wearing yarmulkes under their turbans. All this Muslim boogyman crap being pushed by the rabbis in charge. Bet they all have pay stubs issued by the cia or mossad.

  2. Agreed smereles. I’m less concerned about a muslim invasion than the current occupation by the zionist forces controlling Congress and the media.

  3. Every single last one of those 10 obama domestic policies listed is a result of and has a direct beneficiary called the joos.

    The author is delusional and needs to pull his lips off kosher arse. “Conservative” news should be read fundamentalist.

    The only group of people EVER calling for the disarmament of American people are joos and/or groups headed by joos. Pretty easy to spot the enemy.

  4. Muslims: What about all the wetback invading this country and all they want is FREE stuff? Remember: the DINO’s want them for votes, the RINO’s want them for cheap labor. I worry more about the wetbacks, jews and the government than Muslims

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