Mysterious polio-like illness found in five California children

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Researchers have identified a polio-like syndrome in a cluster of children from California over a one-year period, according to a case report released today that will be presented at the American Academy of Neurology’s 66th Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, April 26 to May 3, 2014.  

“Although poliovirus has been eradicated from most of the globe, other viruses can also injure the spine, leading to a polio-like syndrome,” said case report author Keith Van Haren, MD, with Stanford University in Palo Alto, Calif., and a member of the American Academy of Neurology and co-author Emanuelle Waubant, MD, University of California-San Francisco. “In the past decade, newly identified strains of enterovirus have been linked to polio-like outbreaks among children in Asia and Australia. These five new cases highlight the possibility of an emerging infectious polio-like syndrome in California.”

Polio is a contagious disease that sometimes caused paralysis. The United States experienced a polio epidemic in the 1950s, until a vaccine was introduced.

Van Haren said he and his colleagues noticed several of these cases at their medical centers and decided to look for similar cases in California. They reviewed all polio-like cases among children who had samples referred to California’s Neurologic and Surveillance Testing program from August 2012 to July 2013. Cases were included in the analysis if the children had paralysis affecting one or more limbs with abnormal MRI scans of the spinal cord that explained the paralysis. They did not include children who met criteria for Guillain-Barré syndrome and botulism, which can cause similar symptoms.

The five children experienced paralysis of one or more arms or legs that came on suddenly and reached the height of its severity within two days of onset. Three of the children had a respiratory illness before the symptoms began. All of the children had been previously vaccinated against poliovirus.

The children were treated but their symptoms did not improve and they still had poor limb function after six months. Two children tested positive for enterovirus-68, a rare virus previously associated with polio-like symptoms. No cause was identified in the remaining three children.

“Our findings have important implications for disease surveillance, testing and treatment,” said Van Haren. “We would like to stress that this syndrome appears to be very, very rare. Any time a parent sees symptoms of paralysis in a child, the child should be seen by a doctor right away.”

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3 thoughts on “Mysterious polio-like illness found in five California children

  1. complete BS.

    I don’t know what these kids are suffering from, but if I had to guess, I’d say they’re probably more susceptible to the effects of radiation than the population as a whole.

    “Polio” was another hoax pandemic invented to sell vaccines just as A.I.D.S. is. There is no legitimate connection between A.I.D.S. and “H.I.V.”, and I’m willing to bet that “poliovirus” doesn’t exist either, or at least has no connection to the condition known as “polio”.

    People dying of AIDS are suffering from long-term exposure to immune system stressors such as “poppers”, alcohol, and sexual contact with too many different people, and their fecal matter, but there’s billions being made by selling them drugs that won’t help them in the least.

    That’s why so many people who test positive for the “AIDS” virus live perfectly healthy lives. The only thing that’s sickening them is the drugs they’re being sold because of test results. The “elisa” test only indicates a person’s increased ability to produce antibodies, and has nothing to do with any immune deficiency. The “science” behind it was fraudulently passed off as legitimate.

  2. elisa, that was either the first or last name of that woman found dead in one of the four water storage tanks atop a newly renovated hotel named the cecil hotel that had 700 hundred rooms but now only 600 hundred and no one could find out who the new owner was. I cant remember the city this actually happened but the story goes there’s a movie called darkwater darkhorse or darksomething and the woman in that movie her name was cecil and she was found dead in one of the four water storage tanks atop an apartment building. as you know, they always let us know what their plans are by putting out these movies. the name elise and I think lam was a clue given on an outbreak occurring, and the death by water was symbolic for they were poisoning the water, and the four water storage tanks were symbolic for the four horsemen of the apocalypse. I know it sounds like a stretch. there’s much more to this story but my brain can barely remember what I just typed.

    1. I remember that story. Her first name was Elisa, it was a hotel on skid row in LA, the movie was “Dark Water.”

      This one has more details about the hotel’s history.

      This one has a lot of photos.

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