N.Y. Gov. Cuomo signs law banning 3D-printed guns

UPI – by Danielle Haynes

July 30 (UPI) — New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday signed legislation banning 3D-printed guns, and other firearms and components that can’t be detected by a metal detector.

He also signed legislation expanding requirements for the safe storage of firearms. 

His office called the bills the strongest gun laws in the country.

“3D guns and improperly stored firearms pose an enormous risk to our children and today we’re addressing both dangers head-on to keep our families safe,” Cuomo said. “These measures continue New York’s legacy of enacting the strongest gun laws in the nation by helping keep firearms out of the hands of children and by acknowledging and addressing technological advancements like 3D printed guns.”

The signing comes one day after Cuomo signed separate legislation extending the background check waiting period for purchasing a gun to 30 days and banning bump stocks, devices that allow the rapid firing of firearms.

“While Washington keeps its head in the sand, [New York] is leading the way forward in the fight for common sense gun safety,” he said Monday.


2 thoughts on “N.Y. Gov. Cuomo signs law banning 3D-printed guns

  1. Nope , nope and nope

    What’s he going to do if we all said no?

    The gun is your power to say no
    And if they don’t like it , see if they will step to you

    Cowards are they all , and we know they won’t

    Stand up for your right , and tell them to “make you do it”
    Go ahead, threaten me

    1. “What’s he going to do if we all said no?”

      They did in Nazi Joisey.

      No repercussions… so far.

      Can’t imagine why. 🙄

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