Nader, Ron Paul, Kucinich Speak to Occupy Wall Street

Ralph Nader, Ron Paul, and Dennis Kucinich offer words of wisdom to the Occupy Wall Street movement. The Occupy Wall Street movement has tremendous potential, but only if we can resist the wedges that the corporate/government cabal continues to try to drive between us.

There are differences of philosophy between progressives and libertarians, but we CAN agree on at least four issues upon which we can make immediate and concrete demands. Success on these demands would go a very long way toward saving the United States and prevent us from falling deeper into serfdom and slavery.

We may never have a better chance than right now.


0 thoughts on “Nader, Ron Paul, Kucinich Speak to Occupy Wall Street

  1. I just have to wonder about this.. what kind of an asshole son does’nt support his father when his father is trying his hardest to take this country in the absolutely correct direction.. and risking his life to do so?? Answer: Rand Paul! He can’t hold a candle to his dad! This is one apple that seems to have fallen along ways away from the tree.

    1. Sons do that, Ken. Do you have any? I do…and it’s a crap-shoot anyway you play it. Not challenging you here…just wondering what your point is.

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