Rick Perry, Barack Obama, the ATF, the Drug Cartels, and Connecting the Dots

There is now talk of bringing United States troops to Mexico to fight the drug cartels being put forth by Texas Governor/GOP Presidential Candidate, Rick Perry.  And if you read between the lines this action would make a lot of sense in that the drug cartels are vying for control of Mexico with their government, which in reality is a part of the international drug cartel consisting of international bank finance, the Mexican government, and the foreign insurgence in our own government with the foreigner Barack Hussein Obama acting as the cartels’ CEO.

We can still remember a few months back when drug raids were conducted throughout the United States in retaliation for the assassination of ICE Agent Jaime Zapata in Mexico.  So whatever happened to all those drug dealers that were picked up in those raids?  Shouldn’t the investigations and prosecutions be front and center in our news?  Of course not.  The Mexican drug cartels handed over the assassin to the AFT enforcers and the drug dealers went right back to work, business as usual.

Another item that is conveniently being removed from the mainstream is the AFT’s purchasing firearms with US tax dollars which they sold to the drug cartels, which Perry now wants to send our troops to do battle with.

These scenarios, coupled with the wanton refusal by the federal government to enforce our immigration laws, paint a pretty decisive picture when all the dots are connected.  The United States government drug cartel has been doing business with the Mexican government drug cartel for many years now.

Enter in the smaller Mexican drug cartels, who have banded together to take over that industry in Mexico, and what do you get?  The hoodlums in our government are trying to make sure that no matter who comes out on top, they will be deeply connected so that the US end of the business continues to thrive.

Enter in Texas Governor Rick Perry, who, considering his international connections and the fact that he controls the largest border between the United States and Mexico, must be considered an intricate player.  So has Perry made a deal with the Mexican government cartel to bring in United States troops to destroy their opposition in trade for financing and the Hispanic vote to procure his position as Chief CEO of the United States drug cartel?

This is what I see.  Perry gets to come out presenting himself as a warrior against the drug cartels while at the same time supporting the illegal invasion through his acquiescence to in-state college tuitions for the children of the illegal aliens, in essence playing both ends of the field.

I will comment on the in-state tuition.  The State of Texas first grants residency to the illegal aliens who came to our country in violation of our laws.  Once that residency is established through in-state tuition, the illegals acquire driver licenses and social security numbers.  They then funnel out into every other state in the union.

Perry is no different than Obama.  He is a traitor of the highest order.  But rather than being arrested and prosecuted for his treason, he will be running for president using monies derived from the groups and individuals who have been supporting the illegal invasion since its inception.  And anyone who cannot see this is either ignorant or complicit to the invasion

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