1. No wonder China threatened to shoot her down.
    BTW, that’s not water. Its probably a clear spirit-of-your-choice. At the very least its spiked with Adavan.

  2. This inbred mummy makes Biden sound like a professional auctioneer. Every I hear Kamala talk I wanna run a rail spike through my skull.

    I’m like %99 sure the international mafia put this circus act together to see how the American people would react. Tell me one criminal act these bastards aren’t guilty of, is there a vice more evil than their own? Can you tell me a single benevolent action they have taken? Is there a trait they posses that somehow qualifies them to tell someone how they should live?
    How the people take so much shit from such a low form of life baffles me everyday. I can imagine the elites behind the curtains in just as much amazement from all the cowardice and ignorance.
    “Wow, they are really gonna let this brain dead pedophile steal the wealth of their country, send it to his empire in Ukraine, send their brothers and sisters to a battlefield for no good reason, sit in their homes just cause they are told, let themselves lose their livelihood because they won’t let us have their bodies? Suffocate them economically? Let us threaten them with with jets and nukes? Take away their food and energy? Give their country away to foreigners and raising an army right in front of their face? “
    Sun Tzu is rolling over in his grave. Everyone is turning in their grave, to the point where they are turning back to face the sky just to beat a dead horse. Anywhere you look this sh*t is too hard to watch.

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