0 thoughts on “NBC/Facebook GOP Debate – Live Feed

  1. The debates I think went about 7 and a scale of 10. I found that some answers to questions were cut off to soon. It was almost like the questioner knew the truth but did not want the public to know the truth. I would like to see a real debate without time constraints and unbiased questions on real issues to be preformed by a consenses of the American public over the internet. This could easily be done by using the top 10 and most frequently ask important questions. The media questioners try to paint a picture to the best interest of their choosen candidate. This would make for real Television and real reporting on the issues that face America. On this Debate I think Newt shouldn’t be allowed to run at all because of the ethics fine he recieved. He is unethical and it has been proven such. I’m not just saying Newt, anyone who has been charged with a ethics violation.We have to get back to real government, Of the People, By the People, For the People, only then will our nation become great for all others to admire. Only then will we make Peace with the World and Truely Prosper as a Nation.

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