The Truth behind Obama’s Youth Employment Plan

President Barack Obama, saying he could not wait for Congress to act, has announced a $1.5 billion youth jobs program, which is supposed to give young Americans a chance to work, make money, and learn how the system works.  Well for the young people out there reading this article, I will now reveal to you just how that system works.

Coinciding with this new jobs program, which is in reality a bribe to pull American youth away from Ron Paul, there is another youth jobs program.  A visa program, if you will, to bring foreign youth into our country and provide them with jobs.  A whole plethora of corporations have signed up for both of these programs, which will equate to $1.5 billion in subsidized labor.  And here is the real juicy part.  When the corporations give those jobs to foreign youth here on those visas, they won’t have to pay workman’s compensation or payroll taxes, which should make for record profits for these businesses through the summer.

In discussing these two programs separate and together a commentator on FOX News said this socialist program was a good thing, because apparently the government of India is upset that the US isn’t providing enough foreign worker visas for the Indians who want to come to the United States and take their piece of our pie.

But wait, it gets better and surely more sinister, as these billions of dollars are being plugged in to further aid in the insurgency against our Republic.  You see those foreigners coming here are not just coming to take our jobs.  California just plugged in new programs to buy books and provide subsidized college tuitions to foreign students.

So what is going to happen here?  Well a bunch of Chinese, Indian, and South Korean youths are going to be brought into our country.  We are going to pay for them to be educated in our colleges and we are going to pay for them to have jobs to support them while they are going to school.  Then when they have the degrees that our American youth cannot afford, they will be granted permanent green cards, after which they will begin to take the higher tech jobs from long term middle class workers, who are reaching the top of their pay scale.

And of course the corporations who participate get not only subsidized labor, but free training for their new foreign work force.

Anyone who cannot see Barack Obama for the two-faced, forked-tongue, treasonous insurgent he is, has to be considered beyond help at this point.  This is yet another blatant attack on the American middle class, and once again the middle class is going to be forced to finance its own destruction.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. Just another trick to cheap labor subsidised by the taxpayers to help his circle of Corporatist. Each and everyday our economy is being undermined by socialistic programs supported by taxpayers. We have to pull together to stop this trickery. These bills are not for Americans nor do we vote for them. We are subsidising Army’s in other Nations, Mercinaries in other Nations and our infrastructure is falling apart. The goal should be to stop this kind of spending and create good paying jobs here at home. Paying others to police the world for greed, power, and wealth is throwing our hard earned dollars into perile.

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