New Information out of Egypt

The situation in Egypt has taken a new turn following American reporters being beaten, abused and thrown out of the country.  There are now anti-American slogans being shouted by the Egyptian people on the streets.  This change in attitude has in turn caused a change in attitude in the United States, where a majority of the people are now saying that if Egypt has nothing but contempt for the U.S. all aid should be stopped immediately. 

This whole scenario has resulted in one of the most surprising admissions to come from our government in a long time.  For years we have been told that the $1.5 billion per year we are giving Egypt is being sent because they are a strong ally and promote our interests in the area.  Monday it was revealed that the monies in truth represent an untouchable compensation we have been paying the Egyptians to say at peace with Israel.  In other words, our $1.5 billion per year is being used to promote Israeli interests in Egypt.  I guess in truth the $1.5 billion per year is another subsidy going to Israel.  Now let’s see, if we put that with the other $3 billion per year we send to Israel that is $4.5 billion going to a country whose economy is better than ours. 

But this really shouldn’t surprise us, hell we are still sending aid to China.  Maybe they will use it to buy a sharper knife to cut our throats with, or maybe to buy up more U.S. property.  At some point in the ball game the American people are going to have to realize that all these aid packages are nothing more than bribe money we are providing to bolster the status of private American corporations in other countries.

As for the Egyptians’ distaste for Americans it is really hard to blame them.  For the past 30 years we have been supporting a tyrannical dictator who has been torturing and murdering them.  It is being reported that Mubarak is not only a multi-billionaire, but one of the richest men in the world.  I guess maybe in fact we have not been bribing the Egyptian people for thirty years but rather the dictator who controls them. 

And who knows, if we stay on the present course, we may be fighting yet another war for Israel, this time against Egypt, wherein American soldiers will be killed by weaponry made in the good old U.S.A.  I guess this could be called the epitome of irony, but it is certainly nothing new.  Did not the same thing occur in Iraq? 

If you look deeply enough into any war, eventually you will find corporate interests at its roots.  But then I guess we should feel privileged in being allowed to die for the rich man’s money.  It may be interesting to find out what other secrets are revealed through the crisis in Egypt in the coming weeks.

Another little tidbit that came out on Monday involved individuals with the CIA sticking up for the Islamic Brotherhood.  Oh, what a tangled web we weave.

God protect the world from corporate interests.

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