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President Barack Obama AKA Barry Soetoro held a meeting Monday morning with the United States Chamber of Commerce.  The event was hyped by the mainstream propagandists as a new era wherein Obama will be becoming more business friendly.  This is an insult to the intelligence.  Obama has been engaged in a virtual lip lock with big business since taking office.  This administration and the propagandists that represent it seem to believe that the people of America have the long term memory of a cabbage and will accept any assertion they put forth, either out of desperation or raw stupidity.

The Obama administration represents one of the biggest corporate giveaways, well since the last administration.  In specific the bailouts of the car companies, stimulus moneys channeled to big business, billion dollar tax cuts to the top 2%, and let’s not forget the $30 billion given to the so called small banks just before the 2010 Congressional elections, which is being identified as the point that Obama decided he needed to become more business friendly.

Obama went on in his speech to say that we need to procure even more tax cuts for big business, and of course deregulate to allow corporations to operate inside or outside the law with no consequence.  Like I said, they think we can’t remember past yesterday.  Like when the housing bubble burst and the banks began to fail.  What excuse did they give us?  Oh yeah, that’s right, the Bush administration deregulated banking and the bankers committed massive fraud resulting in financial disaster for everyone but themselves.

If you want to look back further, you can go back to the 70s and the Savings and Loans debacle.  You will remember that after the American taxpayers had to pay for that one, new regulations were put in place and the liars in our government told us it would never happen again.

As for the 99ers, he didn’t say one damn word about us.

I called Congresswoman Barbara Lee’s Washington DC office Monday morning to further inquire into HR 6556 which would give relief to the 99ers.  This time I could not get past the receptionist, who was like talking to a recording.  If Gregg Rosen has been having private conversations with these people I have to ask again, what is he giving as a trade-off for his privilege?  I told Barbara Lee’s receptionist that the American 99ers Union did not represent me and I wanted the same right to discuss the plight of the 99ers with Ms. Lee as Rosen was enjoying.  I was told to submit my inquiries via email.

You can think what you want of Rosen but I believe we had better ask ourselves a question.  If he is in an elite position that allows him to go behind the scenes and swap spit with our enemies, where exactly do his loyalties lie?  With the unions perhaps? 

If you are a 99er who has worked your whole life, you have no doubt at one time or another had to deal with the good-old-boy-boss’s-best-buddy-crowd and the inequality that it naturally perpetuates.  It is in fact one of the key problems with true equal opportunity in employment and business in this country.  How many times has the fate of a business or individual been decided by what secret society or other social network he or she belongs to, rather than intelligence, skill, and aptitude?  This is one of the things we are going to have to correct when we retake this country, as it has unquestionably hurt the quality of American productivity.  You cannot have the best product when it is derived from a system that makes who you know the priority rather than what you know.

One question the receptionist for Ms. Lee did answer was in reference to how HB 6556 would be paid for.  She said, “None of the details have been worked out yet.”  How long has this bill and others like it been around and how many times have they been rejected because of that one little detail?  And how many times have the Republicans said the bill would not even be considered until the funding can be found without increasing the deficit?  I guess all we can do is speculate until Wednesday when the government royalty and their good friend Gregg Rosen reveal the plan to us peasants.

God bless our great Republic.





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  1. I was reading another article regarding payment of this bill and this is what it said so who’s lying because all 99ers lives are hanging in the winds on this and I am wondering and starting to think this is all a lie which would kill us all:

    “Previous reports have indicated that Lee would propose a way to pay for the additional benefits. Yesterday, however, Arthur Delaney of the Huffington Post (who does an awesome job of reporting on this topic) reported that Lee’s office told him in a statement that the cost of the bill would not be offset. If so, the bill will be pretty much dead on arrival in a Republican-led House that is focused on cutting the budget, not spending more.”

    Proposed 99er unemployment extension bill won’t be offset in the budget
    Published: Tuesday, February 08, 2011, 7:04 AM Updated: Tuesday, February 08, 2011, 7:07 AM
    By Jackie Headapohl

    1. Yvonne,
      When I asked Congresswoman Barbara Lee’s aid the specific question, “How will the bill be funded?” She stated, “The details have not been worked out yet.” I cannot attest to her honesty, but she did say that and I recorded the phone call.

  2. I think it is horrible how the government keeps lying to the American people and giving false hope. Also, I agree with Henry concerning Greg Rosen. What makes him so special? We have a right to know what they are talking about. If Greg is truly on the side of the 99ers, I would expect to hear a summary daily as to what he has or has not accomplished and where we are in terms of getting help. That being said, don’t forget about John Boehner, the Crybaby/Speaker of the House. He still thinks he is a God and will continue to vote against unemployment and every other issue just to be able to assert his power. We have been begging for a year now for a Tier V and still continue to do so. My question is what happens after the Tier V? 14 weeks is better than no weeks but still does not address the main problem. What we need is additional weeks of unemployment to carry us through the remainder of the year if necessary. I am sure there are people who would abuse this and not try to find a job but I really believe it is the younger people who would do so. Not people between 40 and 65. We have worked our entire life and can prove it by our social security statements. We would rather have a job with benefits instead of staying home and collecting an unemployment check that basically only puts food on the table. I am tired of begging and ready to take this to the next level. I hope it happens soon.

  3. That unemployment bill late last year did not add or do anything for the people that have lost there jobs and unemployed over 99 weeks.
    The Government has been allowing outsourcing of industrial jobs and all kinds of jobs For quite some time.
    This all started during the Clinton administration and then started to take effect toward the end of the Clinton administration and continued through the Bush administration and now has continued into the Obama administration.
    “What did they think was going to happen”.
    Taking jobs away from the American people was never a good thing.
    And then some of the latest comment’s from the administration like “Just Hang In There”
    As Americans and as a Nation I hope and pray that we can all pick and choose and vote for people that will look out for the best interest of the American people for the future.
    A extension that includes people unemployed longer than 99 weeks is the right thing to do, “outsourcing jobs was not”.

    1. TC, I agree with everything you said, except about having a candidate to vote for that will look out for our best interests. Obama lied thru his teeth to get elected. They all do. Then once they’re elected, they forget about all their campaign promises to help us because they are nothing but puppets for some evil agenda. The last President that cared about the American people was JFK, and look what happened to him !

  4. Henry, I am devastated! this past Sunday my niece suffered A hit and run pedestrian accident! She is 18 years old just a baby she is in the ICU with extensive injuries. my family is devastated and distraught..My sister told me yesterday That the San Jose Ca. police department stated that they where short staffed due to cut backs! and where unable to do an immediate investigation. in fear of missing the first 48, My brother in law was angered and stated to the investigator if you wont help us! we will investigate ourselves they made flayers in hopes that anyone with information would contact PD.
    he also contacted the local media for help…
    Not sure how much more I can take of this keeps getting from bad to worse !!!

    There is so much crime out here everywhere! while the rich stuff their pockets we suffer these tragedies! police departments short staffed jails releasing inmates.. home invasions .. God help us!

    There is no jobs! just dam layoffs!!!!!!!!!

    Cruel Congress !!!!!


    1. Eli, Sorry to hear about your niece. Things are definitely coming unglued but I’ll bet you that if a burglar alarm goes off at the bank, you will have 20 cars there in three minutes flat. The point is the people are ceasing to matter less every day and crime is going to continue to increase as even otherwise decent people become desperate.
      I wish you and your family the best of luck in finding the hit and run driver. In the words of Thomas Paine, “These are the times that try men’s souls” (and women’s)

    2. Eli-

      Try and see if there are any cameras anywhere near where the accident happened. Might be some video somewhere. 7-11’s or convenient stores, that kind of thing. Contact the local newspaper and see if they will print a story asking for help.

  5. Hi All, this may not be on point, however, as a 99er I was attempting to get a HAMP modification on my mortgage so I could stay in my house. My mortage company is HSBC out of England. They actually told me that they would accept my application but because they did not accept any bailout money their eligability guidlines were much different than banks that had accepted funds, I’m screwed. Our government thru fannie may bought my loan from them but since they service said loan they are allowed to not play by the rules. Why can’t I deal with Fannie then, because they want us to act as their agents. It is time to LOCK AND LOAD!

    1. help needed,
      If they try to evict you make sure you insist on the original bank note you signed. Chances are they won’t be able to produce it. They said on the news that legally they can’t evict you without the original note. Maybe they’ll decide to work with you if they find out you’re liable to get the house for nothing. If you research the deal with the bank notes online, there is a lot of information about it out there.

  6. Henry, Mark – Thank you I ask for your prayers, My Family is on It they have printed flyer’s and posted them in the area and in Store near by, Cameras are being looked into now,
    By San Jose PD, after our story broke they got right on it! interesting huh. God speed her recovery she is strong. I know her Angels wrapped their wings around her in her care.
    Thank God she survived this tragedy. We have our lord on our side brings us peace.in the shadow of darkness.


    crime is very bad here in California.

  7. I’m not by any means only blaming the Republicans, but they always do the same crap over and over again. They spend money on two wars, NOT PAID FOR. They give tax cuts to billionaires who need tax cuts the least, NOT PAID FOR. They do a prescription drug plan, NOT PAID FOR. Then, suddenly when the Dems take over they are expected to cut and not grow the budget. It’s amazing how all of these scumbag politicians find ways to give tax breaks to every oil company and everyone in the top 2%, but when it comes to shelling out a few billion for people like us 99ers who are on the verge of homelessness or suicide everyday they are suddenly concerned about things being paid for. As bad as things are now we should be on tier 9 of unemployment, not still begging for a tier 5! The Democrats could have passed all the unemployment extensions they wanted when they had total control, but they obeyed their corporate masters and watched us all fight each other over minimum wage jobs! They all love it when a 99er drops dead or becomes homeless because then their unemployment numbers go down. They can’t admit that we are in a DEPRESSION and that real unemployment numbers border close to 25%. However, as long as we all continue to quarrel over garbage like abortion or the death penalty and ignore the ridiculous wealth disparity that effect 99% of us we are going to keep electing the same a**holes on both sides of the aisle! We need to organize, stop fighting each other and fight the politicians that keep screwing us over and the corporations that hold trillions in profit hostage while they ship our jobs overseas!

  8. Sam – Thank you my Niece needs alot of prayer right now.

    by the way you all make me feel better about our unemployment situation
    Thank you.. feel I have more big brothers.to fight for whats right ! Thank you…


  9. It saddens me to know that our Government can’t help the American citizen’s that gave them their jobs. Alot of people are one day away from being homeless because they have no income. The unemployment made a huge difference and now that it’s been cut off I don’t know what we’re gonna do. They help the rich who don’t need it, the foreigners have it better than naturally born Americans and that’s just not right. It really hurts to know that your own Government won’t help it’s people.

  10. Hello, nice articles… I know nobody likes him because he is raw in his presence, but regardless the man takes no shit. He is who should be hob nobbing with Lee and our enemies, trk387 would not take prisoners just asses. He should be addressing the press, damn, that would be some interview LOL. Well I am a 99 laid off auto worker from detroit, and I have been watching this guy on youtube and he is who i would want representing me. But he will never get the chance because he is no hold barred in his attacks upon the republican senate.

    t dude if your reading this, detroit loves you man!


    PS: I mean just peep this out… //g99ersunemploymentextension.com/hr6419-emergency-unemployment-compensation-continuation-act-blocked-99ers-forgotten/

  11. I am also sorry about your niece that certainly doesn’t make anything any easier I have posted comments on peoples comments the ones that say that we are 99ers because we want to be and we are lazy I want you guys to read a reply I got from someone who is an idiot and it is people like them that makes things worse for us inside and out here is his reply.
    @yoknows24 how can one support something thats lower than Shit.
    FACT: Strangers dont give a fuck about you or your own kids.

    if 2 years of finding jobs dont work then do something different u dumb fuck. Go and create job yourself.
    Go outside and hang a huge Sign over your body and said you will do house cleaning for $20 and do it for the next 6 month and i personnally guarantee you you will be working full time.
    oh right…that is not the job u want …Huh..!! u picky fucking faker !!

    This is what we have to deal with I was so upset that day we need this bill to pass while waiting on more job creation otherwise I don’t know what is going to happen to the rest of us that don’t matter!!!

  12. Yvonne- Thank you God speed her recovery. we thank God she survived.
    When it rains it pours! hanging in there for the calm after the storm
    your right I often wonder what kind of fool would go on an unemployment blog and say such horrible things! I myself have had some run ins with trolls !! I do hope it passes I want to be able to start my own business , if it come in retro I will be able to do that , forget all the past due bills I will never catch up !water gas electricity food and a roof ! is all we need.. I do plan to stock up shop at the dollar store. We have friends here fellow 99ers..it comforts me

  13. “The Greatest Generation”,Political and Corporate Greed and Corruption have helped to Destroy The Great Economy We Built and enjoyed for 5 Decades, we need to return to the Ideals of the Greatest Generation, whatever helps build a strong America Structurally and economically, so all Americans can enjoy a chance to”Work” for their Piece of the American Dream!!! We must Fight to end the corporate and Political greedy and corrupt practices that have destroyed the middle class backbone of this great nation. Americans once took pride in its companies with patriotic loyalty but that has ended, now all of our jobs go overseas and nothing is made here anymore anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!We must bring Americas great manufacturing industry back home, I know i would pay more if i had it, for better quality “American” made Products!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thats How I Was Raised With Patriotic Loyalty “Made In America”By “Americans” Its Not Separatism Its”Patriotism”!If they build it somewhere else,then let them sell it somewhere else(“corporate” and “consumer” loyalty/patriotism)keep America strong,”end outsourcing” . WE also need equal Trade agreements with other countries and better and stricter oversight and accountabilty with our banking industry.

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