New Super Sub-Committee on Jobs

There sure is a lot of talk about jobs, but then there has been a lot of talk about jobs for years now and this is the problem.  It is nothing but talk, and as our so called representatives talk, hundreds of thousands more of our jobs are being sent overseas.  Could they being trying to make us desperate for a job?  And just how desperate would be have to be to accept further sovietization of our country?

Representative John Larson (D-CT), House Democratic Caucus Chair, speaking on the Dylan Ratigan Show Monday afternoon, suggested a Super Sub-Committee to deal with the jobs problem.  Apparently the four Super Representatives who chose the members of the Super Committee would choose four more Super Representatives for the Super Sub-Committee on Jobs.

For now we will just deal with the strangeness of this whole idea.  As we all know the Super Committee of Twelve will put forth legislation that must be voted up or down without amendment or debate.  If the legislation is rejected, automatic spending cuts would be enacted, the so called triggers.

Now when Mr. Larson was asked what the triggers would be in reference to the Super Sub-Committee on Jobs he said just like the failure to pass the legislation for the Super Committee would cause a percentage cut in spending, failure to pass the Super Sub-Committee’s legislation for jobs would trigger an automatic cut in the unemployment rate to something like 5.5%.

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Do I have to tell you this is impossible?  That is unless they simply change the number without creating a single job.  Don’t laugh, in this same report the unemployment rate flashed on the screen.  The placard said, “Unemployment Rate – 9.1%” then beneath that it said, “Real Unemployment Rate – 18.2%.”  Now if the 18.2% is the real unemployment rate then the 9.1% rate must be……what?……the unreal unemployment rate?……..the false unemployment rate?………the lie?

These liars have absolutely no intension of doing anything in reference to jobs except shipping more of them out of this country.  The more Americans they put out of work, the more home equity and pension monies they steal.  They are liquidating our country right before our eyes and are dismantling our Constitution and replacing it with Committee Communism, and that is exactly what these super committees are.  The Russian word “Soviet” translated into English means “Committee”.

How many czars do we have in this country now?  Czar comes from Russian commissar.  A commissar is the head of a soviet, hence the head of a committee.  These goddamn communists are restructuring our government right before our eyes and are not being challenged.

People this is going to come to a shooting war, so prepare yourselves.  There is no great white leader out there that is going to come to our rescue.  We are going to have to fight for our lives.

This is truly amazing, I am sitting here watching a communist government replacing our three branches of government and all I can do is be enraged and prepare myself for the day the USA-KGB comes to kill me because I have been speaking out against communism.

Our so called representatives in Washington DC are not that stupid.  They know exactly what is happening and they are not saying a word.  We are betrayed at every level.

Maybe I am not hearing Ron Paul speak out about these things because he is being buried by the press.  I don’t know, but I tell you this.  Unless something is done about what is going on in Washington DC right now, by 2012 we will have a sovietized government, lock, stock, and barrel.

And when we are finally forced to fight, literally for our lives, we will be labeled insurgents and rightfully so as we will have failed to stop the insurgency that will have caused the establishment of a lawful communist government in the United States, because it is our Representatives who are changing our government.  And the fact that they are violating our Constitution to do it is irrelevant if we make no objections.

I swear I am thunderstruck and am sitting here wondering what outrage it is going to take to cause the people to act.  Every day we wait guarantees more of us are going to die in taking it back.  Maybe you goddamn fools think communism isn’t so bad.  Well I can read.  I know how communism works.  I promise you, you are not going to like it.

Well I have to go puke.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more.People have become so comfortable inside the perameters of their own ignorance that it is very doubtful they will recognize the propoganda spewed at them through mainstream media.That is those of them who watch the “news” at all.I know that I cannot even convince the members of my own household that there is a powerful and well organized conspiracy to rob them of all of their freedoms for the purposes of world domination,enslavement and genocide.They are more concerned with the fate of the New York Yankees or Kim Kardashian’s God damned lost ear ring than that of their own children’s future or the sovereignty of their own once free nation.The government,the courts and the military now work to promote the agenda of the sociopaths behind the installment of the new world order.We,the people are all that is left to stand for sanity.The FEMA camps await us.Our future is bleak.In total,it gives true meaning to the phrase”Live free or die.”

    1. carl Hammel,
      Well I hate to say it but these members of your family will become a part of what is known as the “Butter Knife Brigade.” When lightening strikes the shit house and all hell breaks loose, these people are going to come running to us wanting food and guns. We will have a big box of butter knives, we will hand them one, and tell them to go get a gun. And when they whine and bitch we will tell them that the butter knife is more than they deserve, as the whole thing would have never happened without their complicity through their ignorance.

    2. Carl,

      I have had similar experience. People consider such statements as “exaggerated” or “paranoid”. This video Henry posted here is of the raving of madmen. How anyone could listen to this insane babble and not be aghast with incredulous shock at what is actually being said is completely beyond me.

      Let’s see…the barn is burning. What should we do? I dunno…let’s form a dictatorial “committee” and let THEM decide…these events require expert level thinking!

      Puke is right!

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