0 thoughts on “First Responders Snubbed; Not Invited to 9/11 Ceremony

      1. No shit ! You mean the controlled demolition boys, who made it look all so real. I’m surprised the Men in Black haven’t started killing the F.R.’s off, due to the fact that they know more about that day than is healthy for false flag fucks.

        1. Clark

          Building #7…….. If you can explain that one away, I’ll change my name to Sir thermite…….

          1. Mark, that’s totally explainable. Wind shear factor. Cut the building off at ground level. Happens all the time.

      1. All:
        If you’ve had a corporate position you may have experienced that this is how upper management sends the signal to a condemned department,or selected individual(s) that their presence, let alone existence, is no longer acknowledged in the coming new plans.

        Very bad sign. Think about it.

        1. My sentiments exactly, Brian. Kinda like the SEALs who took part in killing Bin Laden AGAIN, who conveniently perished in that chopper crash recently.

          1. Clark,
            Wow! A fully functioning human mind!

            Watch out for the extermination squad! That is…if you give a shit anymore.

            I really don’t. It’s an excercise in futility and I, for one, have had enough of that. If it’s coming to mindless slaughter and anarchy I have no intention of participating because it’s nothing but another futile game of musical chairs. Screw it!

            If these pigs want it they’ll get it….one way or another…and their ain’t a damn thing we can do about it..

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