New York Drivers Facing Sticker Shock At The Gas Station

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Prices at the pump have hit a record for this time of year and drivers are shelling out a lot more to fill up their cars.

Lamar Munnerlyn drives his own truck in New York City and said every time gas prices go up, his salary goes down.

“It’s really difficult. I’m losing money all the time,” Munnerlyn told CBS 2′s Dick Brennan. “We have family we gotta feed and everything like that. Gas prices going up every time you turn around.”

Gas prices have skyrocketed in recent weeks, putting an added burden on many already struggling to get by.

“That is very difficult, especially the economy nowadays,” said one man.

According to Automobile Association of America, the price of gas in New York City is now $3.97 a gallon — that’s up 15 cents in just one week.

The question is why?

“I would say the latest upturn by gasoline prices are primarily the consequence of an improving economy,” said John Lonski of Moody’s.

Lonski also said unrest in the Middle East has helped trigger a spike in prices.

“If the conflict in the Middle East in Syria intensifies, it draws in Iran, that could have the affect of putting unwanted upward pressure on the price of oil and gasoline,” Lonski said .

New Yorkers already pay 70 cents a gallon in state and federal gas taxes.

“We know the economics and the political scene and all of that is behind all of this, but to all of us, it is frustrating,” said one woman.

All told, the U.S. Energy Department said Americans are pumping 4 percent of their incomes into buying gas, the highest amount in four years.

“We have to realize earlier this year, the middle class was hit by in increase in taxes…now we have the middle class having to bear increased energy cost,” Lonski said.

12 thoughts on “New York Drivers Facing Sticker Shock At The Gas Station

  1. Like I have said in the past ” I wish that we all were back in the horse and buggy days because back then things were more honest and we all had to work for what we have. All these oil bastards can go F them selves, and they cannot do it fast enough for me!!! Do they hear me now???

  2. Liarski’s bogus explanation gets no traction among realists as the real economy is not improving, it is imploding. Explosive money printing is just the infusion of more debt guaranteed to make Federal Reserve Notes even more intrinsically worthless. The Syria argument falls flat as worldwide gluts in supply ensure plenty of oil. Liarski works for Moody’s who receives massive capital from oil families. No fraud here, DOJ, keep moving along…

  3. China owns most of the US oil as the oil was used as collateral for the loans that the Chinese made to the US.
    So we will pay and pay to cover that debt. Thank you US con gress and thank you Bush/Obama for putting our wealth on the line and making us pay and pay till it hurts.

    Time to put an end to this madness. We need to put all the congress / senate and the imposter in chief in jail for theft and treason.

  4. this is all just a power ploy for the oil men and the elite – one and the same I guess. They got to creat hardship for those that are at a disadvantage to make themselves feel importantt and worth somthing when in reality they are all just a bunch of creepy money grubbing POS that think they need to do this gas price thing to feel important and worth something when in reality they are not even worth the thought of recognizing them elite oil executive pos. They had better look out themselves!

  5. Hungry people would do the same for a bushel of wheat that rich people would do for the only extant autograph of Jesus Christ.They would kill you for it.Everybody’s got their reasons.Anybody can define morality.Humanity realizes the difference.Governments do not.Free markets are the creation of money.Governments are the destroyers of it.And I really don’t think that humanity would go out of their way to deny you your autograph.Knowing that ,I wonder if Jesus would sign?

  6. Be Lucky

    Regular gasoline prices in UK are GBP1.37 per litre

    I calculate this is usd 8.11 per us gallon

    This is not the most expensive price on Europe!

    1. The citizens of the United Kingdom choose to live under a monarchy. Well, you have your Queen, now serve her with your blood, sweat, and tears. We here in America will fight tyranny until it is nothing but a bad memory.


    That’s all the fuel price spike in NYC is. A stress relief that allows the accumulation of more tension within the overall system.Consider for a moment that the $16 Trillion debt that has been accumulated over the past 12 or so years has no mechanism in place for it’s settlement. Only 8-10 more years of similar debt loads to result in $25 Trillion in debt based spending. And that is just what shows up on the US books. Who knows what other under the table schemes by the US Fed contribute to the dilution of the value of the dollar.

    Gasoline here, coffee there, beef, corn, cotton, all price linked in the merry game of inflationary whack-a-mole. A game that allows government to spend like a drunken sailor for national whoring and binge drinking, a sailor whose appetites run toward sovereign rape and pillage paid for by seniors and savers. A game paid in currency created by petty thieves at work chiseling away at citizens livelihoods and children’s futures.

    No morality or means exists to deter our government from seeing the game through to it’s end. As nothing stopped the Greeks or Romans or Spanish or French or Brits from insisting on schemes that led to fiat currency collapse, nothing will stop the US. The important consideration for our leadership is making it last as long as possible, because they are not fools ignorant of the end game. When the host dies the parasite will have no home. Fear not NYC drivers, the parasite will ease your pain just sufficient to allow you to continue to struggle and gasp for financial breath.

    Take another sip of kool-aid. Watch another episode of Dancing With The Stars. The government check will be here on Monday. We can pay the minimum on the credit card then.

  8. “I would say the latest upturn by gasoline prices are primarily the consequence of an improving economy,” said John Lonski of Moody’s.

    Mr. Lonski, you sir are an idiot.

  9. “Improving economy” my ass. I have been sounding the alarm about the gas prices in Canada rising astronomically for absolutely no reason at all over the last month…while our complacent media says absolutely nothing about it.

    And we STILL have no idea why the hell the prices are going up. They are playing darts on an excuse board, when in reality the prices are going up out of sheer greed. As if our food prices aren’t high enough thanks to the drought last summer, just think of what the super high price of diesel (which in itself makes no sense, being unrefined) is going to do.

    Folks, it is clear that our “politicians” will do nothing to protect us. They want bills sky high…all the easier to control us by, with the nice byproduct of completely destroying the middle class in the process.

  10. I thought everyone in NYC rides the subway, buses , or takes cabs. lol

    btw, the station I get my gas at just went up to $4.05.

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