‘We The People of New York’ To Take on Gov Cuomo & NY SAFE ACT


New York – -(Ammoland.com)- Dear New York Patriot,

We have all seen our inboxes filled with the anguished concerns of patriots across America as our Liberties are challenged a slice at a time.

For many people, the threat to our Right to Keep and Bear Arms is one they will not let pass by. Here in New York, the SAFE ACT has caused outrage and concern that is bringing gun owners and freedom loving citizens together in concentrated action.

To this end, WE THE PEOPLE OF NEW YORK, an offspring of We The People Congress, are taking unprecedented steps through our NEW WEBSITE – www.wethepeopleofny.org to bring a critical mass of our citizens together to get organized. Individuals and small groups cannot prevail.

We will take effective, organized action to STRIKE DOWN THE NY SAFE ACT by claiming and exercising our First Amendment Right to Petition in what we hope will be the greatest showing of We The People in New York’s history.

On February 19, we will Petition the Court by filing a lawsuit with the NY Supreme Court in Albany against the Governor for abusing his power under Article III of the New York State Constitution. On that day, we will also Serve a Petition for Redress on our government to uphold Article XII which says every citizen in New York is a member of the militia. The two actions go hand-in-hand. What happens here in New York is being watched by the rest of the Nation.

We urge you to take the time to read the lawsuit Complaint and the Petition for Redress. By automating certain parts of the legal and petitioning process on our website, unlimited numbers of our citizens can now participate in our lawsuits as pro se Plaintiffs and sign the Petitions.

The time is ! NOW to come together to ensure the Voice of our Constitution is heard.
We are working to fulfill our Vision for New York and America which will institutionalize citizen vigilance to hold government accountable forevermore, regardless of what party we belong to or who we vote for.

Your support will ensure We The People can reclaim our Power and restore constitutional governance carried out in decency and good order.

Thank you for all you do for the Cause of Liberty.

Stay Well.
Stay Vigilant.

Bob Schulz – bob@givemeliberty.org
Judith Whitmore – honoramerica@gmail.com
518 656 3578

Read more at Ammoland.com: http://www.ammoland.com/2013/02/we-the-people-of-new-york-to-take-on-gov-cuomo-ny-safe-act/#ixzz2K588FBkK

7 thoughts on “‘We The People of New York’ To Take on Gov Cuomo & NY SAFE ACT

  1. Too late for petitions and protest. Radio and TV personalities with huge following and likewise those men with huge following on youtube and print media need to do on location live access showing the home address of tyrants like feinstein, boxer, schumer, bloomberg, cuomo etc. Patriots will do what needs to be done once such information goes viral.
    These bastards have gotten way too cocky in their actions to dissemble our Bill of Rights.

    We must give notice to the whores that work for the tyrants…the whore body guards that they too will have live feed from the front of their families homes as well.

    All will be taken care of shortly.

  2. Freedom has never resided in the arms but in the mind.Unfortunately the mindless have become indoctrinated that they are free.They embrace endless war and genocide while proclaiming that guns should be banned.They feel that those who think otherwise should be re-educated or killed for the good of society.They feel that a handful of well-intended socialists such as themselves should dictate the morals and economics of nations.If people who believed in free society shared these well intended but obviously flawed beliefs we’d simply live in a free society anyway.And let the socialists practice their socialism within our free society. .Until they came to the horrible discovery that there was no one left to sponge off of and the free world was doing just fine.Then they could face reality or starve to death.However people who believe in freedom would house and feed them better than their beloved state ever would,or care to.

  3. By “petitioning & filing lawsuits”, you’ve already lost.
    Engaging in those actions legitimizes the system that is stealing your rights and will be ineffective.
    All that is needed is mass defiance & refusal to accede.
    Also, let it be known that no such weapons of defense shall be turned in.

  4. Ok NC it is just that they might not look or act the same when I`m done with `em. Ha, we actualy would get a lot of bang for our buck because we would have to take their body guards too. That would be a lot of target practice for just one or two subjects.

  5. Nothing will change until citizens start showing up at these rallies armed and with lots of rope. We have tried the ballot box, the jury box, and the soap box. Millions of unarmed people marched on DC and Obamacare was still passed. THEY DO NOT CARE about your little “protest.” Make them care. Frankly, I think that all politicians at all levels should be constantly in fear of a lynching. That would keep them in line.

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