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All Through the Night – (Original Trailer)

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One Response to All Through the Night – (Original Trailer)

  1. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    ” And brother, I’m telling you, we gotta watch our steps. Those babies are strictly no good from way down deep. They’re no bunch of petty racketeers trying to muscle in on some small territory – they want to move in wholesale, take over the whole country.”

    He’s talking fifth columnists. This is even more applicable to the stinking jews.

    “Oh, now listen, big shot, they’ll tell you what time you get up in the morning and what time you go to bed at night. They’ll tell you what you eat, what kind of clothes you can wear, what you drink. They’ll even tell you the morning paper you can read.”

    100% TRUTH.

    Interesting reply to that statement…

    “They can’t do that, it’s against the law!”

    Wakey, wakey…

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