Nine Covid Facts: A Pandemic of Fearmongering and Ignorance

Ron Paul Institute – by Jeff Harris

Ever since the alleged pandemic erupted this past March the mainstream media has spewed a non-stop stream of misinformation that appears to be laser focused on generating maximum fear among the citizenry. But the facts and the science simply don’t support the grave picture painted of a deadly virus sweeping the land.

Yes we do have a pandemic, but it’ a pandemic of ginned up pseudo-science masquerading as unbiased fact. Here are nine facts backed up with data, in many cases from the CDC itself that paints a very different picture from the fear and dread being relentlessly drummed into the brains of unsuspecting citizens.  

1) The PCR test is practically useless

According to an article in the New York Times August 29th 2020 testing for the Covid-19 virus using the popular PCR method results in up to 90% of those tested showing positive results that are grossly misleading.

Officials in Massachusetts, New York and Nevada compiled testing data that revealed the PCR test can NOT determine the amount of virus in a sample. (viral load) The amount of virus in up to 90% of positive results turned out to be so miniscule that the patient was asymptomatic and posed no threat to others. So the positive Covid-19 tests are virtually meaningless.

2) A positive test is NOT a CASE

For some reason every positive Covid-19 test is immediately designated a CASE. As we saw in #1 above up to 90% of positive Covid-19 tests result in miniscule amounts of virus that do not sicken the subject. Historically only patients who demonstrated actual symptoms of an illness were considered a case. Publishing positive test results as “CASES” is grossly misleading and needlessly alarming.

3) The Centers for Disease Control dramatically lowered the Covid-19 Death Count 

On August 30th the CDC released new data that showed only 6% of the deaths previously attributed to Covid-19 were due exclusively to the virus. The vast majority, 94%, may have had exposure to Covid-19 but also had preexisting illnesses like heart disease, obesity, hypertension, cancer and various respiratory illnesses. While they died with Covid-19 they did NOT die exclusively from Covid-19.

4) CDC reports Covid-19 Survival Rate over 99% 

The CDC updated their “Current Best Estimate” for Covid-19 survival on September 10th showing that over 99% of people exposed to the virus survived. Another way to say this is that less than 1% of the exposures are potentially life threatening. According to the CDC the vast majority of deaths attributed to Covid-19 were concentrated in the population over age 70, close to normal life expectancy.

5) CDC reveals 85% of Positive Covid cases wore face masks Always or Often 

In September of 2020 the CDC released the results of a study conducted in July where they discovered that 85% of the positive Covid test subjects reported wearing a cloth face mask always or often for two weeks prior to testing positive. The majority, 71% of the test subjects reported always wearing a cloth face mask and 14% reported often wearing a cloth face mask. The only rational conclusion from this study is that cloth face masks offer little if any protection from Covid-19 infection.

6) There are inexpensive, proven therapies for Covid-19

Harvey Risch, MD, PhD heads the Yale University School of Epidemiology. He authored “The Key to Defeating Covid-19 Already Exists. We Need to Start Using It” which was published in Newsweek Magazine July 23rd, 2020. Dr. Risch documents the proven effectiveness of treating patients diagnosed with Covid-19 using a combination of Hydroxychloroquine, an antibiotic like azithromycin and the nutritional supplement zinc. Medical Doctors across the globe have reported very positive results using this protocol particularly for early stage Covid patients.

7) The US Death Rate is NOT spiking

If Covid-19 was the lethal killer it’s made out to be one would reasonably expect to see a significant spike in the number of deaths reported. But that hasn’t happened. According to the CDC as of early May 2020 the total number of deaths in the US was 944,251 from January 1 – April 30th. This is actually slightly lower than the number of deaths during the same period in 2017 when 946,067 total deaths were reported.

8) Most Covid-19 Deaths Occur at the End of a normal Lifespan

According to the CDC as of 2017 US males can expect a normal lifespan of 76.1 years and females 81.1 years. A little over 80% of the suspected Covid-19 deaths have occurred in people over age 65. According to a June 28th New York Post article almost half of all Covid suspected deaths have occurred in Nursing Homes which predominately house people with preexisting health conditions and close to or past their normal life expectancy.

9) CDC Data Shows Minimal Covid Risk to Children and Young Adults

The CDC reported in their September 10th update that it’s estimated Infection Mortality Rate (IFR) for children age 0-19 was so low that 99.97% of those infected with the virus survived. For 20-49 year-olds the survival rate was almost as good at 99.98%. Even those 70 years-old and older had a survival rate of 94.6%. To put this in perspective the CDC data suggest that a child or young adult up to age 19 has a greater chance of death from some type of accident than they do from Covid-19.

Taken together it should be obvious that Covid-19 is pretty similar to typical flu viruses that sicken some people annually. The vast majority are able to successfully fight off the virus with their body’s natural immune system. Common sense precautions should be taken, particularly by those over age 65 that suffer from preexisting medical conditions.

The gross over reaction by government leaders to this illness is causing much more distress, physical, emotional and financial, than the virus ever could on its own. The bottom line is there is NO pandemic, just a typical flu season that has been wildly blown out of proportion by 24/7 media propaganda and enabled by the masses paralyzed by irrational fear.

State and local governments in particular have ignored the rights of the people and have instituted outrageous attacks on freedom and liberty that was bought and paid for by the blood and sacrifice of our forefathers.

Slowly the people are recognizing the great fraud perpetrated on them by bureaucrats and elected officials who have sworn to uphold rights and freedoms as spelled out in the US Constitution. The time has come to hold these criminals accountable by utilizing the legal system to bring them to justice.

Either we act now to preserve freedom and liberty for our children and future generations yet unborn, or we meekly submit to tyrants who crave more power and control. I will not comply!

7 thoughts on “Nine Covid Facts: A Pandemic of Fearmongering and Ignorance

  1. It doesn’t fkn matter what information or facts are shown, or if cadres of thousands of Phd Doctors put info out there, or send to Gov assholes or The Media.

    I have personally sent a very specific short list of links and hard core info “that a moron could research and verify” to our main local news media in the islands, HNN and I called them out for the lockstep traitors and criminals they are for not have a single journalist among them.

    They are clearly criminally and willfully involved in this mass media propagandizing of the public at large and are even more of a direct threat than any scumbag Cop/Ntl Guard moron trying to enforce these unlawful mandates.

    The media and their pretty teleprompter readers are a major enemy to the people, their execs, producers to the last minimally need to be identified for later treason and hanging trials.

    If they weren’t reporting this nauseous endless daily/nightly mantra, over and over with fake numerology and what to do based on this criminal government edicts; along with their Pharmaceutical money bags, and they actually reported at a minimum the other side of the story (You know the Conspiracy side) the truth would end this fear mongering campaign.

    DTTNWO, The Media is an important part of the NWO…. Happy All Hallows eve… !

      1. Thx Bob, saw this, good stuff, just like all the other Doctors around the Nation and World, who Are finally speaking up and out. All to Deaf ears of the PTB and The Propaganda Machine. In fact this is exactly what prompted me to Inform these Media maggots with some great links, Like the Inventor of the PCR DNA amplification process etc This is just the thing, TONS of Credentialed PhD Dr’s exposing this fraud and ZERO Mainstream Media reporting…

    1. Yes sir, couldn’t agree more Norm.Good job on smacking your local news affiliate down, I’m sure you rattled some cages somewhere. Nice..

      1. Yes, thanks, I’m their news desk reviewed the info and read my short diatribe, and then, just kept doing wht they are paid to do, but at least I called them what they are and I informed them what will be happening when the lid flips.

    2. Great work, Norm! And yes they are complicit. Brought info. to local city council members who are also complicit as well as the county commissioners.

      1. Yup… I look at the Media as the most dangerous, at least with enforcers and military they are very clear about the threat and violence, we’ll deal with them when we are all ready. This insidious Media (CIA) mockingbird press is so evil and raw now.

        ZERO Investigative reporting on this crime in progress.


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