NJ Cops Indicted After Video They Hid Reveals They Beat Innocent Man & Filed False Charges

Information Liberation- by Chris

New Jersey police allegedly hid dashcam video from prosecutors showing they beat an innocent man on the side of the road and made up a host of false charges to try to get him imprisoned. After the video was retrieved through an open records request, all charges were dropped and the police were instead charged with falsifying evidence and assault.

The shocking video shows out of control cops cross the median line of a road driving against traffic to crash into 30-year-old Marcus Jeter’s vehicle after he had already pulled over on the side of the road, then police swarm his car with guns drawn, break his windows, punch him in the face while he’s holding his hands up in surrender, then pull him out of his car and viciously beat him while screaming “stop resisting” and demanding he “stop going for their guns.”  

From WABC:

BLOOMFIELD, NJ (WABC) — The tale of the police dashcam video has now helped clear a Bloomfield, New Jersey man who faced a multitude of criminal charges, including eluding police and assault.

Investigative Reporter Sarah Wallace obtained the dashcam tapes, and has spoken exclusively with the 30-year old DJ who was looking at years in prison.

It was quite a turnabout, all the criminal charges against Marcus Jeter have been dismissed, and two Bloomfield police officers have been indicted for falsifying reports, and one of them, for assault.

A third pleaded guilty early on to tampering. It’s all thanks to those dashcam tapes. It’s the video that prosecutors say they never saw when the pursued criminal charges against 30 year-old Marcus Jeter . In the video, his hands were in the air. He was charged with eluding police, resisting arrest and assault.

Comically, the Bloomfield police exonerated themselves during their own internal investigation into the incident.

The Bloomfield police chief was suspended earlier this month after he said a councilmen asked him to trade favors and fix his tickets to assure his appointment as police chief. He was placed on paid leave officially due to “health reasons,” but he says it’s because he spoke out.
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6 thoughts on “NJ Cops Indicted After Video They Hid Reveals They Beat Innocent Man & Filed False Charges

  1. Excellent! This needs to happen X10,000! This is becoming epidemic, with the cops almost always lying and screaming “stop resisting” while pummeling someone to death! (or near death).

    These psychotic cowards in costume must be stopped now!
    It’s no wonder that cops are demonizing any attempt to photograph them, after all, they DO have something to hide.

  2. This seems like an isolated incident because the truth about these situations rarely gets out, but whenever we do find out about them, we see the cops acting brazenly, and intentionally, indicating that these encounters are well-practiced, and happen all the time.

    This incident is NOT the exception. It’s the norm. Cops are nothing but a roving band of state-sponsored thugs, and they only time they face any legal repercussions is when there’s public outcry against their actions. Now and then a cop is thrown to the dogs to appease the public, but their illegal and brutal behavior is obviously encouraged by their superiors, or it wouldn’t have began all across the country at approximately the same time.

    About a year ago there was one month in which hundreds of police chiefs and commanders suddenly decided to retire, so I guess all that remain are bad cops, who have no problem with beating and terrorizing the population.

  3. “About a year ago there was one month in which hundreds of police chiefs and commanders suddenly decided to retire,” yes Jolly Roger i remember that. Very good point.

  4. Whatever.

    I’m sure they’ll receive the prerequisite two weeks paid leave, as well as a stern admonition from their superiors.

    THAT’LL teach ’em.

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