No-Fly Zone in Libya?

It is expected that a second United States aircraft carrier will be heading for the waters off Libya as the civil war there heats up.  Reports out of the State Department indicate that a no-fly zone will be instituted over Libya.  As previously reported, Libyan rebels have put together their own coalition government.  It seems now that new government is requesting outside intervention in the form of the no-fly zone.

As we the American people are already suffering $3.50 per gallon gas as a result of the crisis in Libya, where it should be noted we buy none of our oil, what other deprivations are we facing?  We must be realistic.  The implementation of a no-fly zone will require preemptory bombing to eliminate anti-aircraft facilities. 

I am not an expert on international law but I’m going to go out on a limb here.  When one sovereign country drops bombs on another sovereign country I think this an act of war.  Like I said, I’m no expert, I’m just going by what happened when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941, you know that day that still lives in infamy. 

So I guess we are looking at another war in the Middle East.  I think we could have picked a better time as these wars tend to be expensive.  We are already looking at a growing energy crisis, coupled with a declining dollar as a result of quantitative easing, at the same time housing foreclosures are starting to pick up again. 

But what the hey, we can always afford a little more war.  And the truth is the defense contractors really need the money.  You know there are still some defense contractors out there who can’t afford to pay cash to buy their own countries.

Personally, I know that if there was a place to give contributions to the defense contractors I would be the first one out picking up pop bottles and cashing them in to make a donation.

God protect us from the greed.

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  1. Like I said last night, Here we go again. If my hubby had been allowed to complete his Mission 28 years ago, this wouldn’t be an issue. But, guess who’s in bed with the defense contractors?

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