Americans Say No to More War in Libya

United States warships are closing in on Libya as calls for sanctions, a no fly zone, humanitarian aid, and possible ground troop intervention are being put forth from the highest levels of power. 

Reports out of Libya say that the leaders of the rebel forces are stating emphatically that they do not want any intervention by the United States or any other foreign country.

The situation in Libya has turned into a full scale civil war and as control of every sector represents billions of dollars in oil assets the determination on both sides seems to be unwavering.

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has armed his supporters and is defending his rule with an attitude of zero compromise.

The rebels have, no doubt through the help of our CIA, formed their own coalition government which is being recognized and in fact embraced by major powers around the world, including the United States.

So will the United States invade Libya?  Personally I think it could go either way.  If Obama’s domestic policies continue to falter he may very well pull a George Bush and get us into another war we cannot afford, for no other reason than American people do not tend to vote out incumbent presidents when they have just gone to war. 

However I do not think this strategy is going to work as it has been used over and over again, literally without a break for the past ten years.  I believe the average American citizen is sick and tired of these petty little wars that result in nothing more than the deaths of thousands of innocent people and the further destruction of what is left of our economy.

Every American should be writing Obama and telling him that if he invades any country he will be sealing his fate as a one term president.

God save us from the war pigs.

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  1. Guess what? As I was reading this post, I got a call from Amnesty Interantional wanting a $100 donation to send a Ground Force to Lybia. After a deep breath, I said “I’m a 99er.” Silence. Then I said, “Do you know what that means?” Response: “I’ve heard that term, but I really don’t know what it means.” After telling him to “Google it,” you should have heard me “go off” about the Millions of Americans and their children who are suffering and dying, the Genocide being committed and covered up on American soil, and how WE need Amnesty International to help US!
    I’d better sign off and calm down. There’s still smoke coming out of my ears.

    Oh, BTW
    When my husband was sent to Lybia, with Army Special Ops., he literally had Gaddafi in his cross-hairs when he got the order from GW to Stand Down. He’s never gotten over that, and it’s worse now. The job could have been done Years ago, but here we go again.

    1. Angel,
      Awesome comment and response to the phone call.
      It would seem that From the Trenches has got its finger on the pulse of the international corporate mafia to the point that we are anticipating the next heart beat.
      If we had a million people like those commenting on this site today we could win our cause in a single day.

  2. if Obama start another war in Libya, I am sure that we don’t have enough money and “All necessary measures” to afford the war. Everyone will be staying home and become a homeless because we don’t have enough job in the market. I think, Obama should concentrate on the economy, “JOBS JOBS JOBS”, we need jobs to do like we are really serious thirsty. Let the middle east country take care of themselves, and we pretend to be a observer because Libya is very complicated country with 142 tribes. I don’t know what to say and I am tired with the government policy, please create more JOBS, that is what we need right now to survice, otherwise, we …………………………….HOMELESS

  3. is that what Obama was saying when he was elected ” change we need ” i dont think so he did nothing from all those words and what we got more people with no job and soon with no home….stop that war Obama and care about us let others take care of themselves we need that change u promised us to get ….damn i think Lincoln was wrong ther is who can fool all the people all the time and Obama is one ………..

    1. John,

      I really don’t think he is fooling anyone who has any form of functioning brain anymore but…yes…you’re right…he sure fooled allot of ’em in the campaign. I must say he was an obvious fraud to many of us and he wouldn’t have gotten away with it if he had had a worthy opponent. I wonder…did he fool you? And if so, why? Just curious.

      C’mon! What kind of choice were the American people given? Choose between an obvious fraud and an incompetent, inarticulate puppet? Wow…impressive! In my opinion no one has stood up for America since JFK and look what happened to him.

      The question is; Why did McCain throw the fight? Can you remember one debate in which McCain really put this guy on the ropes? I can’t and it wouldn’t have been very difficult for a truly intelligent person. The problem is there isn’t any intelligence showing itself in the leadership sector of this nation and when and if it does will people who can’t even speak or think in the native language understand anything said beyond “here’s what I’m going to give you free?”

      This is a horror movie written, produced, and distributed by the globalist elite for distribution to an ignorant public that has been conditioned for its acceptance. This conditioning started a very long time ago and there was little to no opposition.

      Welcome to “the transformation of America”! God help us.

  4. yes he did fool me but for a person like me i dont believe so much on politicians but everyone needs hope..i think i was stupid cause some people using hope to fool people like me. thanks for your explanation i think i get it now…thats the real world no one really care about people beside himself…

    1. John Anderson,

      Well, I don’t know what I really explained but I am glad something I said made sense. I think your conclusion is correct. The “buzz word” was “hope”. Nobody asked “hope for what”? Hope for some sense of responsibility to their own country on the part of American leadership in business? Hope for honesty in banking and Wall Street? How about that for a start? He had absolutely no real agenda that was ever articulated on any level. Nor did his “opponent”! Very simple….WE are not represented and are simply being robbed blind by all of the above in perfect sinc with all of Washington. How long has this been the true “agenda”?

      Long enough!

      That “agenda” is now quite clear. Good luck, John.

  5. My husband is just finishing up training in the Marines im just now fixing to get him back why did Obama have to start a war? My daughter needs to bond with her daddy. this majorly sucks!

  6. thanks brian even if luck doesnt matter when u got no food and no home..but that what we get when we believe on politicians…and Brittani trust me Obama does not care about people like me and you..the prob he is not caring about child will growing up with no fathers like what happened in Iraq…damn im gona never believe again

    1. John,

      Just don’t believe in “them”! Never stop believing in something and only you know what that is for you. Hang in there fella !

  7. you right again we can not live without believing and hope… im gona try my best…thanks again

  8. It’s a TRAP the arabs ask 4 our help to disapline there brothers. While they do nothing to help there own. Oh yes they said thankyou. If they were saving lives and then needed help I can see them asking. The middle east just got mad cause we were pulling out and giving money to Japan. We the people should give them nothing especially money 4 oil. Yes that is why we care cause of our need for there oil, we need to stop needing them for this,we need to pull the oil out of our ground, then come up with alternitives. Instead we give a butt load of money to people that don’t care about there we really think they care about us? They are immature and have grudges and weapons. Right now we our needing to unite in our own problems and help people and other countries with real problems. Yes I too feel betrayed with Obama is he really helping us. But keep in mind we slit our own throats when we pay for gasoline that didnt come from here. My husband used to work in oil fields here in America he lost his job cause they said its cheaper to get it from middle east. And when price goes up we will take it out of our ground. But that never happened and we never looked for alternitive sorces and we are not out we just overpaid some very inhumaine people. and boy have we paid and here we go again .

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