3 thoughts on ““Non-consensual staring” – Have we really fallen this far?

  1. Oh man, have we fallen this low? That big guy looks like a little arse-kissin’ sissy. Sickening.

    And I remember the stare. It was the most complimentary kind of non-verbal communication between two people. It conveyed everything, from I like your looks, to I could love you, to pure lust. Can you imagine going up to people to get their permission to stare at them or admire them, or desire them?

    Hey, my eyes are my own, and as long as I’m not harming anyone, I set them where I want to. Any who claim injury from being stared at are not worthy of being called human. GET OVER IT!!


    1. This is just a bald headed chicken f-king Australian, you know those c-ts who let the government take their guns from them?
      They need to be hiding in the closet like the fags they are rather than getting up on the TV and trying to act tough.
      You’re not tough buddy, you’re a c-t, and I could care less what you have to say.

      1. That nightclub owner “dude” has the classic look of a cross-dressing jew. I’ll bet anything he performs on stage in drag on his nights off.

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