North Carolina Parents Identify Over 100 Book Titles Containing Obscene Content, File CRIMINAL Charges Against Wake County School Board

Gateway Pundit – by Jordan Conradson

Parents in Wake County, North Carolina have filed charges against school board officials for the lewd content that they have discovered in children’s school books.

The parents paid a visit to the Wake County District Attorney’s office today, “to follow up on the criminal complaints against the Wake County Public School System”.

The same leftist mob that canceled Dr. Suess is forcing sexually explicit content onto children as young as four.

The Gateway Pundit reported on one of these school books, “Lawn Boy”, which references 10-year old fourth-graders engaging in homosexual actions and using language like “his little salamander between my fourth-grade fingers rapidly engorging with blood”.

(VIDEO) “We Sucked Eachother’s D***s” – Mother Reads Sexually Explicit School Book To Board Members

A concerned mother told her school board, “Who normalizes sex acts between fourth graders? I’ll tell you who. Pedophiles.”

Lt. Governor of North Carolina Mark Robinson recently exposed this trash in public schools.

WATCH: North Carolina Lt. Gov Responds Back To Controversy And Exposes The ‘Filth’ The Left Wants Taught In Public Schools (VIDEO)

Robinson calls out the book titled ‘George,’ which is about a biological boy who wants to “remove his genitals,” ‘Lawn Boy’, referenced above, and, a book called ‘Genderqueer’ that shows disgusting images of oral sex.

Obviously, none of these books should be in the classroom with young children.

Outraged leftists have called for Robinson’s resignation after he exposed the disgusting content that is forced onto children.

Rightfully outraged parents have called for an investigation into the disgusting school board members.

They released this press release, yesterday.

December 08, 2021

Contact: Michele Morrow

(984) 223-1567 


      Parents submit complaint for distribution of pornographic materials to students

A group of concerned citizens paid an unannounced visit to the Wake County’s District Attorney’s office today, to follow up on the criminal complaints against the Wake County Public School System (WCPSS) for providing obscene materials to school children as young as five. Today, the group met with both a representative for the District Attorney’s office as well as the Sheriff’s office to present additional evidence and several physical copies of the books in questions.

“It should be shocking and alarming to everyone to know that sexually explicit material including graphic pictures, is available through Wake County Public Schools, digitally and in hard copy. Our school children are being exploited, and this is considered grooming,” said Michele Morrow. “We must remove every sexually explicit material from our public school system and fire every adult who was responsible for those books being placed in our libraries, or has presented them in our classrooms.”

WCPSS offers school children digital and hard copy access to books such as George, Lawn Boy, Gender Queer, and Blankets – A Graphic Novel, which contain text passages and/or illustrations that meet the definition of North Carolina State Statute 14-190.1 on obscene literature and exhibitions, including explicit oral sex. Their dissemination to minors further violates both this statute and US Federal Law (US Code 18 Section 1470) in reference to the transfer of obscene material to minors. The content of the books ranges from descriptive to illustrated portrayals of sexual acts involving minors and other obscene acts including children urinating on one another. These books, as well as other titles found, cover various topics including but not limited to heterosexual, homosexual, incestuous, and violent sexual acts, often depicting children. Books available to children as young as 5 years old are introducing terms such as pornography. 

On Tuesday November 30, this group of concerned parents and citizens filed criminal complaints with the Wake Sheriff’s Office regarding the dissemination of obscene literature in WCPSS including elementary, middle and high schools. A total of 8 complaints on this matter were filed, not on the basis of sexual orientation in the books, but because of the obscene content.

“The obscene nature of these books is a dangerous tool in our school system which leaves our children vulnerable to sexual exploitation. The portrayals of sexual acts involving minors in these books serves to normalize this type of behavior,” said Beatrice Setnik. “There is no educational merit to this type of material and one must conclude this is a grooming tool to sexualize our most innocent and vulnerable members of society. It is the duty of all citizens, public servants, and elected officials including Superintendent Cathy Moore and the Wake County School Board, to protect all children in our communities.”

Over 100 book titles containing obscene content have been identified and the group is diligently working with the Sheriff’s office to document the content.  Concerned citizens are encouraged to provide evidence and raise awareness.

A parent shared a Wake County School book catalog with The Gateway Pundit that shows what schools in Wake County are carrying these books.

The rest and photos are here: Gateway Pundit

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