North Korea Severs Armistice With South Korea, War Is On

Before It’s News – by Mort Amsel

Pyongyang announced Friday that it is nullifying non-aggression pacts with South Korea and cutting the hotline with its neighbor. It comes after the UN Security Council adopted a resolution expanding sanctions against North Korea.

North Korea “abrogates all agreements on non-aggression reached between the North and the South,” the state-run Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea said in a statement.

“It notifies the South side that it will immediately cut off the North-South hotline,” said the statement, which was carried by the official Korean Central News Agency. They are also closing the main Panmunjom border crossing inside the Demilitarized Zone

World War 3 may have just begun.  This is huge.  Alot of people may be about to die.  Stay tuned folks.  Earlier today North Korea threatened South Korea and the United States with a pre-emptive nuclear strike.

In 2010 North Korea sunk a South Korean warship and bombarded an island which killed 50 SK soldiers, sailors and civilians and wounded 78 more with no loss to the North Korean side.  South Korea did not retaliate but it looks like this will no longer be the case.  I would imagine the DMZ is tense tonight.  As tense as its ever been since 1953.  The North Koreans have been stepping up rhetoric against the US lately and have backed it up with a newnuclear test and now the cancelation of the armistice agreement which has kept the two sides from killing each other for 60 years.  If they are going to all-out conventional maybe even nuclear war.  The allies had better not stop until the North Korean regime is gone.  The problem is and the wild card in this is what will China do.  As much as they are becoming distant from the NK regime, I dont think they have a choice but to support them because they cannot have the west on their borders.  Also given the co-operation between NK and Iran, I wonderwhat Iran will have to say as well.  -Mort

As of 1996, major combat units in the North korean Army consisted of 153 divisions and brigades, including 60 infantry divisions/brigades, 25 mechanized infantry brigades, 13 tank brigades, 25 Special Operation Force (SOF) brigades and 30 artillery brigades. North Korea deployed ten corps including sixty divisions and brigades in the forward area south of the Pyongyang-Wonsan line.  Source

The South Korean Army consists of the Army Headquarters, the Aviation Command, and the Special Warfare Command, with 7 corps, 39 divisions, some 520,000 troops and estimated as many as 5,850 tanks and armored vehicles, 11,337 artillery systems, 7,032 missile defense systems and 13,000 infantry support systems. Source

4 thoughts on “North Korea Severs Armistice With South Korea, War Is On

  1. GOOD! Send Diane Fienstein, Rahm Emanual, and all the gun-control politicians over there so they can CONTROL N.Korea’s GUNS !!!!!!!!

  2. It looks like Korea will be part of (or the beginning of) the World War that’s being orchestrated.

  3. Looks like the North Koreans do not want to be left out of WW3 that has been planned by the NWO for almost a century, oh well not surprising at all. Still it is the South Korean’s problem not ours and be damned if we should get involved in their petty disputes again, neither are even a free country, they both restrict freedom to the point there is none.

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